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    The Masters

    Rose has shown a lot of mettle in the two days so far. His putting has been his saviour and he can win if continuing with his eagle eye on the green. Looks as if he is carrying an injury as he looks facially drawn and pained. Kudos to him for his battling performance. Yesterday he went into his...
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    Aintree Tipping Comp

    1.45 Tommy Rapper 2.25 Minella Drama 3.00 Longhouse Sale 3.35 Indefatigable 4.15 Calipso Collonges 5.15 Farclas 6.20 World of Dreams - NAP
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    Aintree Tipping Comp

    1.45 Amarillo Sky 2.20 Do Your Job 2.50 Espoir de Romany 3.25 Notebook 4.05 Zalvados 4.40 Pats Fancy 5.15 Blakeney Point - NAP
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    Aintree Tipping Comp

    Hazi were they paying out on 4th as I see clondawe westie was 4th at 200/1 😲
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    Aintree Tipping Comp

    1.45 Phoenix Way 2.20 Fiveandtwenty 2.50 Tiger Roll 3.25 Jason the Mutant 4.05 Killaro Boy 4.40 Sully Doc AA 5.15 Step to the Top - NAP
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    The Masters

    Advised DJ on here for the November Masters and I won a good sum. Never felt as confident as that for a golf bet. Don't have such a feeling for anyone this time round. Have a suspicion that John Rahm could be ready to do something big, as he has found form recently and has done well in recent...
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    Blackpool v Gillingham Official Matchday Thread 05.04.21

    What a player he is turning into on the march to play off glory
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    Prediction Game 42: Blackpool v Gillingham 05.04.21

    Pool 1-0 Gillingham Yates 53
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    Swindon Town v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 02.04.21

    Critch the coach did the right thing giving Simms his head and giving him the start today. His confidence can only grow after such a goal as this. Keep it going Pool.
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    Prediction Game 41: Swindon v Blackpool 02.04.21

    Swindon 1 - 2 Pool Yates 33 mins
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    Good to see the Fort story continue on. Getting off the bottom is as it says on our badge Progress.
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    England v Poland (Wed)

    Because Cloughie would never admit he was wrong in his analysis. He insisted his clown status was intact because all those saves the ball hit him as he threw himself around clownlike, rather than him saving them.
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    Blackpool v Plymouth Argyle Official Matchday Thread 27.03.21

    Coach Critchley take a bow.
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    Promotion odds

    I'll be in the payout queue come the day with my 14/1 voucher for a Mighty promotion.