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    Where do our current BFC stars live?

    Moyes paid 3.3m for his abode on Lytham Front
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    Caravan/Motorhome storage Places

    Westby Hall the biggest around here. Highly secure and they have hundreds on site.
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    Ballard loan...

    The only reason he won’t come here I feel is if one of the bigger clubs pay a bigger loan fee than we are prepared to pay. I’m sure Ballard would be happy coming here. Money talks.
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    Pre season friendlies

    Carlisle United
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    What was Turton offered by us?

    He was on £1200 per week plus appearance money etc. Still the lowest earner out of the first team regulars.
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    Super Critch post match thoughts.

    Simonized...can I just thank you for loading all of the interviews all season. You’ve done a great job 👍
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    Good to see our player of the season score

    Kenny often gets overlooked but he’s been superb all season.
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    Team News….

    Picked up a knock. Big blow. No Simms.
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    League table based on the last 36 games

    We’ve comfortably got more points than any of the other play offs teams over the last 36 games https://www.twtd.co.uk/league-tables/competition:league-one/form/matches:36/type:home-and-away/
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    Fleetwood v Blackpool EFL Trophy Official Matchnight Thread 08.12.20

    Sims dived far too early. Anyone would score against him.
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    Blackpool v Charlton Official Matchnight Thread 20.10.20

    We never test the keeper as don't create clear cut chances. Front 3 playing too far apart. Not been holding the ball up since Madine went off.
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    Blackpool v Charlton Official Matchnight Thread 20.10.20

    Maxwell is shit. He reminds me of Claudio Bravo at City. Great with the ball at his feet but every time there's a shot at goal it's in the net.
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    Much better

    I feel the front 3 are playing too far apart and Madine is isolated. At least when the ball is on the right, our left sided forward should be getting closer to Madine. Not enough support from midfield either. Nonetheless, a big improvement and just need the front 3 to play closer so they find...
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    Gillingham v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 26.09.20

    Maxwell not big enough. A bigger keeper would have tipped the first one over the bar instead of onto it and he should have saved the second one. We have a soft centre. New keeper and two centre halves needed.
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    Ryan Hardie

    We're happy to let Hardie go (on a loan or to sell) and Nuttall to go on loan. I cannot see anyone paying a good enough proportion of Nuttall's wages though.