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    Tangerine seasiders

    The page does seem to have vanished on fb. The page on twitter is still up but with no activity since 28th March. And everything on twitter just appears to be re-tweets.
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    John Robb Interview ....

    He came over a few times and did his best promoting the NAPM stuff to his followers. There's a photo of him with the TK banner somewhere too.
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    Champions league quarter finals

    And noone has criticised the post. 😁
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    o/t What does a vegetarian have at a BBQ?

    Hilarious, and when you say "they" you mean me and various others. I am 61. Not eaten animals since the early 1980s. You of course completely and utterly miss the point. So I will ask you this, what body part of an animal looks like a burger or a sausage? Its just something to eat, that's all...
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    Could King Kenny get an Aussie call-up?

    Apparently played for the Australian under-23s back in 2015. According to Soccerway hes been an unused sub twice for the national team. First in a friendly against Kuwait In October 2018 and then a World Cup qualifier against Jordan in November 2019.
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    o/t What does a vegetarian have at a BBQ?

    Richmond meat free sausages Meatless Farm sausages Huge selection of burgers too including Meatless Farm, Richmond Meat Free, Plant Pioneers (Sainsburys) and Birds Eye Green Cuisine Meat-Free burgers.
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    o/t What does a vegetarian have at a BBQ?

    There are masses of veggie/vegan fake fake meats its not exactly hard to find them.
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    Can think of a probe that would be better inserted somewhere to someone.
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    What is the strangest thing you have had on toast?

    Once after struggling for sleep for a while and finally getting some one night, I somehow managed to make some toast in one of those bizarre semi-sleep states. And I put dog food on it. Thankfully I managed to work out what I was doing before eating it.
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    Changing the clocks

    Walking to school? Most kids round here get dropped off in cars.
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    Anyone surprised no one has come in for Calderwood?

    Would we know if any club had made an approach?
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    Richie Wellens

    It comes from one of their various previous names. Originally set up in 1940 as Salford Central Mission, named after a local church. Seven years later it was shortened to Salford Central. Then in 1963 they were promoted from local leagues to the Manchester Football League and became Salford...
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    supporter engagement

    I thought Steve left his position with BST when he was appointed SLO?
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    🍊 Alan Suddick 👑 12 years RIP

    "Born is the king of Bloomfield Road"
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    Tea or Coffee?

    I will drink espresso and maybe other coffees every now and then. But tea first and foremost. Breakfast, Kenya, Earl Grey, Darjeeling and so on. Also some herbal tea, I have various ones. And real tea can only be made in a teapot.