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    Half-times to be 25 mins.

    They are probably hoping for 20 mins, but putting forward 25 mins in the hope that both sides will compromise at 20 mins.. Which is still to much.
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    Sack the board, get out of our club, where’s the money gone??????

    Lenny Henry is another Baggies supporter.
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    Fan exit arrangements

    It worked very well from my point of view.
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    Amazing picture of Bloomfield Road last night 🧡

    Credit to whoever was responsible for the tangerineish and white stripe arrangement of the tower lights on match night👍
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    A bit disappointing for a mild november evening. As other have said, WBA didn't sell-out their allocation either.
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    Critchley award noticed by Liverpool

    Correct. Gerrard will be Liverpool's next boss.
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    All the defence played well, but Husband was the best defender tonight.
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    Wimp.🤨 This has got to be a wind up.
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    Seasiders Podcast Post Match / Pre Match Show 8pm

    Its working ok for me, but I only tuned in a few mins ago.
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    Basil Robbie

    What a massive U-Turn. Oystons biggest bumspider repents and re-emerges as the BST secretary...LOL Priceless! Oh, and he's deleted all his threads and posts. Hmm
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    Critch to Man Ure.

    The name `Steven Gerrard' should put your mind at rest.
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    Well played the referee

    Wish we had more like him. Didn't give in to the pressure. Every credit👍
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    O/T Taxi For Ole?

    Looking that way isn't it?
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    Swansea v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 20.11.21

    A well fought point that. Thoroughly deserved.