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    One word to describe this season

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    O/T Cricket County Championship

    Sussex 3-1.
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    Lee Collins

    Sometimes there are just no signs Wiz, thats the tragedy.
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    9 last one wrong.
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    How much will the returning players be a positive?

    Have we got a weak eleven?
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    Prediction Game 42: Blackpool v Gillingham 05.04.21

    Blackpool 1-0 Gillingham Yates 19 minutes
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    They're not going down. Too many early season points.
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    4 away in a row without conceding!!

    New club record, five consecutive away wins without conceding, incredible stat.
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    Prediction Game 41: Swindon v Blackpool 02.04.21

    Swindon 0-1 Blackpool Yates 19 minutes
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    Prediction Game 40: Blackpool v Plymouth Argyle 27.03.21

    Blackpool 2-0 Plymouth Yates 19 minutes
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    Prediction Game 39: Blackpool v Peterborough 23.03.21

    Blackpool 1-1 Peterborough Yates 19 minutes
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    New Book - Cheltenham Town v Blackpool FA Cup 3rd Round 1934

    Thanks Ballaragh, it will be posted tomorrow.
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    New Book - Cheltenham Town v Blackpool FA Cup 3rd Round 1934

    Just six hardback copies of the book left, plenty of soft backs. Links to buy at top of the thread.
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    Ballard - great game

    It can only beneficial for future loans from a top club if they see their players developing like Ballard has. Not all loans work out...Woodburn for example.
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    Flat Caps and Tangerine Scarves

    I emailed the publishers yesterday to ask if early subscribers automatically have their name in the book. will let you know when I get a reply.