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    Your highlight of the season

    There have been so many highlights this season in the Championship. But after last Tuesday's game at Barnsley for me it has to be Gerry picking that ball up from side of the pitch, confiscated by the steward, and booting it back into the away Pool fans. It just demonstrated the unique...
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    Have a look on the Tykes board

    Red all over podcast guys reckon we were the best away fans to visit this season.
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    Throwing Flares

    Either way Mrs Gerry asked if I'd been to a fireworks display when I got home last night!
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    Throwing Flares

    Toby Tyke to be correct
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    Luton v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 23.04.22

    If you only just remember The County when it was a proper pub you probably don't remember The Fairhaven in Ansdell or The Vic in St Annes when they, too, were proper Boddies pubs. They were the days!
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    Season tickets and match prices for next season

    Agree with a lot being said but North East is now a problem for home fans due to exit for away fans since PKE match.
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    Bottom three could all be relegated today

    May be dead rubbers but I'm sure we're due a win at Barnsley.
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    Just back

    ... and Ollie Casey.
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    PNE away : important information for travelling fans

    Remember that wonderful walk back to train station with thousands of Pool fans accompanied by police after the Pickering hat trick match!
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    Blackburn Tickets

    Golden Cup
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    Lewis Grabban

    So that explains why Reece James is nowhere near as good as I thought he'd be!
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    Most goals you've seen in a game of football?

    I remember the Ango Italian Cup victories but an even more memorable high scoring Pool game was the 6 - 0 home victory over Newcastle United late 60s in, I think, our only home win in that relegation year. Our future king played for the opposition.
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    Bumper Crowds

    Agree - but that £35 to see the Pool hammer Leeds at Elland Road was worth every penny!
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    QPR v Blackpool Official Matchnight Thread 23.02.22

    Now I'm not known to be the voice of reason believe me and Im as p*ssed off as much as everyone else but ..... Since when did we ever believe we d beat QPR away (til tonight 2nd half) Our experienced centre halves (Marv, Dick & Hubby) all out leaving Thorniley, who is coming along fine despite...
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    He’s Gary Madine

    And he'll love it on Saturday getting dog's abuse from Blades fans for his time with the Massive!