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    For all you Critchley aficionados

    This exactly. Give him another window to mould his team, then see how it looks. We're probably underachieving given the backing. But you can see it coming together. Just not quickly enough for the babies who want everything yesterday.
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    Forgotten loan players that did well for the pool.

    Steven Caldwell and Chris Armstrong (LB from Sheff Utd) are two that were quality for us but rarely get mentioned. Neither played for us very long but they both stood out.
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    Is there a worse website than the Gazette.

    It is awful. More a sign of the times than the quality of the journalism (Matt Scrafton is very good and has adopted the Pool as Steve Canavan did.) With papers themselves making no money, the online content has to be monetised heavily and the focus is on generating "hits" for advertisers. The...
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    Time to appreciate Husband a little more?

    Good League One left back. Can probably do a job in the Championship, though I think Critchley would prefer more of an attacking threat, having signed Mitchell and Garbutt to fill that role.
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    Stuart Moore

    He plays for Reading. Was he available for free/peanuts? This guy's free.
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    Did i miss this ???? Yussuf discusses Spireites loan move

    Reckon he wants to get started?
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    Ballard or Greta for left CB?

    I don't think it matters in the slightest whether a centre back is left footed or right footed. And I don't understand why so many on here seem to think it's important to have a left footed centre back.
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    Ballard or Greta for left CB?

    Ekpiteta and Ballard are our two best CBs. Gretarsson unlucky to be left out. Thorniley will probably be out of the team at the first opportunity and I think Ballard will take over.
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    I'll take the one we know is good.
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    He is right footed.
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    BBC and Yates.......

    Sky has the same description exactly. Must have both taken it from PA.
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    Departure announcement: Callum Macdonald joins Tranmere

    Callum Macdonald to Tranmere is now permanent.
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    MJ Williams

    Gone to Bolton on a permanent.
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    Frank to be sacked at Chelsea

    Don't get all the hand-wringing. Something to do with him being young and English? They have a squad that should be towards the top of the league and they're 9th and looking hopeless. They're unbelievably easy to score against. Chelsea managers don't stick around if they're not cutting it.
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    Howe and Thorniley free to leave

    I think Sadler was met with a choice when it became clear Grayson was going down the pan and the "product" was becoming more and more godawful. When he sacked Grayson and appointed Critchley, he must have realised doing so would involve a certain amount of squad overhaul. This was especially...