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    Saddo of the week goes to Lost Seasider. Two posts about vaccines and 'clotting' during an enthralling game, the first of which was posted at precisely the same time as Simms's goal. Hope he didn't miss it. Congrats 👏👏👏.
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    It's Chizzy and errr, ........ "Super Atko" - will they deliver?

    A whole new spectre (??) on the complexion of the game.
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    It's Chizzy and errr, ........ "Super Atko" - will they deliver?

    ‘Flag goes up reeeeasonably quickly’ much to Chizzy’s ill-disguised delight.
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    Lincoln City v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 10.04.21

    Shit, did you see that? He must have a foot like a fookin traction engine!!!
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    It's Chizzy and errr, ........ "Super Atko" - will they deliver?

    And again following Turton’s header. Thank God I’m not listening to this on the radio!
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    Prediction Game 43: Lincoln City v Blackpool 10.04.21

    Lincoln 1 Blackpool 2 Kaikai 27 mins
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    John Robb Interview ....

    Cheers BR another great read. I’ve always enjoyed Louder Than War, JR is someone who always seems to have his finger on the pulse and can see through the bullshit. We’re very lucky to be able to call him ‘one of our own’.
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    Will we see a draw as a good result against Lincoln?

    Famous last words, but this game is there for the taking. We really couldn’t have hoped to play Lincoln at a better time; 16 points from their last 16 games, poor preparation due to covid, and likely to be without four of their best players through injury, Walsh, Bridcutt, Grant and Hopper.
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    Flat Earthers

    Well that would explain why the good people of Hartlepool voted so heavily in favour of Brexit! 😉
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    Our most successful 'older players'

    A bit before my time but my Grandad told me someone called Matthews wasn’t bad.
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    Advice for improving WiFi signal round the house

    Buy a smaller house.
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    Prediction Game 42: Blackpool v Gillingham 05.04.21

    Pool 0 Gills 1 No goal scorer 27 mins.
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    Is it too early to start talking about summer signings?

    He was due to come up for talks on four separate occasions but failed to turn up each time. Never the Twine shall meet.
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    Covid Europe

    Righto. So some are offended on behalf of the Government / BJ. Thanks for clarifying.
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    Covid Europe

    I’d be interested to know who Cat has bullied. Perhaps you could enlighten us.