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    Chants/Songs for Current Players

    Thought the old DJ Campbell chant would have been used for Jerry Yates?
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    Jack Holden

    Think the big guy was called jones
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    “We lacked that bit of quality“

    We are missing a midfielder who will run at the opposition can pick a pass for Yates and Hamilton to run on to , Stewart is one who puts the ball over the top Yates doent want to jump with defender his strength is speed like cj
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    Blackpool v Fleetwood Official Matchday Thread 13.03.21

    Kai kai done nothing again
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    The pitch

    Just seen pic of groundsmen using the machine that takes 60 litres of water a minute of standing water, looks like he has tried his best looks like it's a legacy from our past owners. .
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    The pitch

    Could have drop some money in the cricket clubs coffers and borrowed their water remover Bowdry think it moves 60litres a minute
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    News of the World - Netflix

    The Kominsky Method series was an easy watch on netflicks
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    Wild bird seed

    Anyone know how to deter magpies other than shooting them.😉
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    OT Debenhams

    Tram museum😂
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    Anyone remember Wimpy in Blackpool?

    There was a wimpey next to soul suite on the prom where PRINCESS cinema was
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    What a comeback!

    Our current midfielders need this confidence to run with the ball
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    Worst ref decision against us.

    Wembley when Baps got took out for west ham to score then week later ref admitted it was a foul😪
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    Matty philipps played similar role as Hamilton bu t probable not as quick
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    Doncaster Rovers v Blackpool Official Matchnight Thread 24.11.20

    The first time their sub roasted Husband was the time to get Mitchell on. Husband has no place.
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    Thoughts on tonight

    The Ballard one the referee didn't deem a foul till he stopped play and the 4 official came on the pitch to tell him. He sent somebody off for a foul he didn't see.