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    Accy today and Tuesday

    Bizarre stats for the Accy game today. Accy have 5 shots on target and score once ( The Sheriffs 2nd goal in 2 games incidentally) Wimbledon have only 6 shots on goal but score 5 times. I'm thinking we maybe pepper the Accy goalkeeper as we bust the net to get back to winning ways.
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    Lincoln City v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 10.04.21

    Maths never was my strong point. Mindyou the playoffs was looking like next seasons dream so happy if we stick with where we are and try and maintain momentum
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    Lincoln City v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 10.04.21

    Not necessarily. We take points off Sunderland and...
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    Lincoln City v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 10.04.21

    Very frustrating that. Got a bit complacent at 2 up, missed a chance or two and the ref gave us nowt all afternoon. Couple of results went our way... Oh and still actually unbeaten although that almost felt like a defeat. Accy will reap our vengeance on Tuesday hopefully
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    Lincoln City v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 10.04.21

    Very decent first half that and a deserved lead. Few results looking going our way too. Things are definitely looking tangerineyroo at the moment
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    Duke of Edinburgh Award

    Never had the chance to do it. Never even heard of it at my cotton mill Lancs school. Did an outside pursuits leadership course and have probably put 30 or 40 lads n lasses through their paces. Some to Gold level, one or two to Queens badge.Mindyou had a few weekends racing around country...
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    RIP Prince Phillip

    I'm no royalist as such. Much rather have our royals than the faceless suits most other countries have. He was a colourful ol chap and I quite like a bit of colour
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    Grandson is stuck for choice

    A rock solid Toyota Corolla. Lovely smooth gearboxes n still legendary reliability. One on the industrial estate past Lidil in Poulton, new tyres, good nick 4 door for about £3000. Mine has done 44000 in the 4 years I've had it. Cost me pennies overall
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    Defence- Your back four ?

    Actually Thorniley has sprayed some great long passes out to that right wing at times. Surprisingly good. As many have said, enough quality for 2 good quality, intelligent defensive units
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    Grant Ward from club site: Versatility Can Be Important

    The whole team is much improved. Most improved player? Ward, Turts, Mitchell, Thorniley, Husband, Yates. Kaikai, Gabriel, Garbs, take your pic really. Each one has proven to be massively consistent since early Jan I'd say
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    I've said all along

    Sounds good to me and a refreshing change from the pontificating, posturing, point scoring exhibited thus far on this thread. For what it's worth, as I happily sup my tangerine tinted pint, Critch has done a great job tho not a perfect job. Some seem to wish that he'd done a perfect job, erred...
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    I've said all along

    You must quite like him being manager now though. Just a little bit, go on admit it.. Whisper it quietly that Critch is actually, for a kids team, rookie manager, working out OK.
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    I've said all along

    Appears he does actually know quite a bit of that
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    Why do so few players have a 'long throw' ability?

    Because its really, really hard to throw a football a long way. I could barely manage to get it past my huge ears and on to the pitch at all some games
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    Football managers who look like they should be doing other jobs

    Scott Parker... Gimlet eyed contract killer