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    Public backlash against media coverage of Prince Philips death

    So people constantly say they never watch the BBC and then moan when they have to do without it for a day .

    Doreen Lofthouse

    Interesting read. Sounds like she married her nephew! When you pass her house on the main road it looks a bit more substantial than a modest three bedroomed home as described. She certainly did Fleetwood proud though through the years.

    RIP Prince Phillip

    Sorry to hear that. Condolences to you and your family.

    Peterborough keeper out for the rest of the season

    Joe Hart emergency loan according to his Instagram team. Might not be true though 😊

    O/T Cricket County Championship

    Starts today but with a butchered format of different groups turning into other groups that I'm at a loss to understand. Why can't they just leave things alone? Anybody know if it's just for one season and then returning to 2 divisions again or is this the start of something different? Coupled...

    o/t Brew anyone?

    7 or 8 a day. Yorkshire tea only and milk last, no sugar .

    O/T Paul Ritter RIP

    Actor Paul Ritter has died from a brain tumour aged 54. Gutted about this, played one of the great comic characters as Martin on Friday Night Dinner.


    Lets be honest, everyone wants to be at the Fylde coast derby.


    👍 What made it even better is he headed my way to the West paddock to celebrate!
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    Budgie is a bit under the weather

    Cheers Allez 👍 Down with the cods 😋
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    Where would you choose to live....?

    I live in Thornton but in all honesty if I had the choice of anywhere id just move to St Annes. Anywhere from the end of the old pontins up to fairhaven lake along or around the front. Love it there and St Anne's centre.
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    Budgie is a bit under the weather

    I'm hopeless at posting links so maybe someone can help me out? He posted a video of himself on his Twitter account yesterday that would make anyone smile who's admired him.
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    Jack Holden

    That's a bit of an exaggeration but there is slightly more on Rovers and PNE. For example Alex Neil got sacked on a Sunday and they immediately changed the schedule and called all the pundits in for a 1 hour special on the Sunday night. They would never have done that for us.
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    Sounds like the Gills will go Gung Ho on Monday

    A team that I've never liked much, remember their fans having a hatred of us for years when we didn't throw the ball back to them after an injury and then we scored. Think it was under Worthington. Like their manager even less. Massive game for us, if only we could be there.
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    We must have the same friend 😉