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    Danny Rowe

    When Danny played for my pub side at 18/19 the thought of even earning money for something he happily paid subs to do was ludicrous. That said he has gone on to score a shed load of goals at all levels up to League Two, I'd say that's pretty good for a local lad who didn't expect to carve out a...
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    Anyone got any fixed dumbbells they want to sell?

    Blood, your arms have muscles that resemble knots in cotton, any amount of dumbell training won't change that 🥴
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    Nobbers by name, Nobbers by nature..

    They are called "peg" as most of their wives hanging 😂 (slang for horrible if you wasn't aware)
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    Rowe-berto Carlos

    He banged a few in for my pub side many a time, i used to say the same thing then.
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    Ever been hit

    I the old Kop on a regular basis, Mad Screw was the usual offender, I've felt his leather glove cuff me many times, mind you it was better than being arrested. 🤔
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    Paul Ince

    Paul's managerial record is atrocious, for me it's tarnishing a superb career as a player. Is Lee Clark or Ronald McDonald available? May as well employ one those two. 😡
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    What car do you NOW drive?

    Mercedes C Class Sport Premium Plus. One of the few cars that has a sunroof added as standard, when I got it earlier this year I realised how much I enjoyed a sunroof, always had them in my cars when I first started driving. Good looking car, economical, a joy to drive and a fantastic sound...
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    England v Iceland

    I wasn't at all depressed when we lost to Belgium as I felt we played well, last night Southgate tweaked the midfield by playing just the one defensive midfielder and it worked a treat, you cannot leave players as good as Foden and Grealish on the bench as we need their creativity. 3-5-2 is a...
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    England v Iceland

    As a patriotic England fan I'd watch my country play tiddlywinks. I can't be doing with these fair weather fans, put your flags away and don't come back the lot of you 🥴
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    The Black Stuff BBC 4 @ 10pm

    Imagine the outcry if they made a series like that in today's PC world 🥴
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    Which is your favourite Castle?

    Belver Castle, fantastic view of Palma, Mallorca from it.
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    Spain tonight

    Thrashed Germany 6-0 in Seville. The standard for Euro 2021 has been set, what a performance.
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    Favourite Island

    Stone 🥴 Mallorca is in fact my favourite followed by Mykonos.
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    Great Player who became a Great Manager?

    Give me Gerrard and Lampard's transfer budget and even I'd be successful.
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    Boxing tonight

    Good analysis TFIT, as you say he's been a great pro only losing to the very best in class. Terence Crawford looks different class to me, him against Errol Spence should be some tear up.