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    I see you lot have all got told off

    Blood You've been a fine servant to this board over the years, plenty fine knocks from yourself and I'm sure you've inspired many more but perhaps time to put the bat away ? Please keep contributing by all means but it's just not there anymore.
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    Neil Critchley

    Funny that Mod. I love Mick McCarthy and was putting Cardiff up at 28's for the title after they murdered us first game of the season. I didn't expect them to win it but I'd be lying if I didn't say I fully expected them to be bang there. We must be a fair few points ahead of them ourselves now.
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    Neil Critchley

    Fair enough Tangy. I just feel that we have a very fickle football forum, even for football which must be the most fickle game in the world. Also - Apologies to Wiz for directing my response at him, I was talking about the general fickleness of the forum, to be fair Wiz is more tangerine...
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    Neil Critchley

    Wiz I don't know what Warnock has got to do with the price of fish but now that you have mentioned him I think it's fair to say that he has done very well in his career as a football manager. I certainly agree regarding putting things down to Calderwood, I am certainly not dismissing...
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    To the away support tonight.....

    Couldn't agree more, they were brilliant, 2-0 down, p1ss wet through but you could still hear them loud and proud. UTMP
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    Poulton Lives Matter, I'm taking the knee on Saturday. On a serious note, although I have never travelled with the bus, he puts a lot of effort in on behalf of a lot of supporters. He's spreading a lot of love around the board of late.
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    Not real fans

    I suspect that Phil is pissed off because BFC x 3 has robbed his fishing rod.
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    Fulham away January 29th

    Yes, net says 5th February. Fulham it is then gents.
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    Fulham away January 29th

    That's what I few said when discussing this in pub the other week but not according to posters above. I might have a mooch to Fulham myself.
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    Where is Armand these days?

    We've had plenty far worse than Gnando.
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    Booster Jab

    Wiz I agree that posters should only have one username and should not be allowed to use fake guises. basilrobbie was allowed to retire his account and come back under a fake guise and make frivolous accusations against me under that fake guise. So I'm guessing it's just a free for all now...
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    Swansea away next month - covid passport required ?

    I won't pretend to be an expert on the German vaccination figures but I still feel for the German business owners who can't trade with those who haven't been vaccinated. If it's 100% fair enough.
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    Brexit has failed. More Brexit news

    I'm the same as you ADS but I don't need dog chews. I doubt Brexit has made any big difference to many on here, especially the ones that seem to spend half their life banging on about it.
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    Pickled Red Cabbage Shortage

    I can't say I've ever been a fan. Edit - of red cabbage not x3 !!!!!!
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    The admin, Please Read....note.

    No problem Scara, I wasn't asking you to point the finger at anybody, I was just suggesting the cause of your perceived inconsistent treatment of posters. It is a shame that you feel the need to bail but you know what's best for you.