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    Tip of the Day

    My theory based on 50+ years of watching Blackpool is that they do the unexpected, hence the win at Reading. Everyone is expecting them to win tomorrow..........
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    Prediction Game 13: Reading v Blackpool 20.10.21

    Reading 2 Blackpool 0 No Blackpool scorer
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    Who is the board elder

    If taking a younger lover leads to a longer life, Owen will be with us for some years to come
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    Prediction Game 12: Nottingham Forest v Blackpool 16.10.21

    Nottingham Forest 1 Blackpool 0 No Blackpool Goalscorer:
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    Blackpool's first Cat Cafe

    Sometimes this board disappoints me. I was expecting far more posts about eating pussy.
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    o/t How much sleep do you get?

    Last night I slept like a log. I woke up in the fireplace I'll get my coat.
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    Reading away

    Tickets bought. Breaking our journey from Hampshire back to Lytham. Staying overnight near the ground
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    Should the club engage with AVFTT

    Yes, and it should be Lytham Kev 🤣
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    Wayne Couzens

    An extract from Lord Justice Fulfords comments when sentencing Couzens; ' This has been the most impressive police investigation that I have encountered in the 30 years I have been sitting as a part-time and full-time judge. The speed with which the evidence leading to the arrest of the...
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    Prediction Game 11: Blackpool v Blackburn Rovers 02.10.21

    Blackpool 1 Blackburn Rovers 1 First Blackpool Goalscorer: Josh Boaler.
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    Wayne Couzens

    All good common sense stuff. I would add that if the death penalty were in force juries would be hugely unlikely to convict and more murderers would walk free
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    Wayne Couzens

    Yup. Manslaughter for a 'one punch' situation. Would be different if you could establish an intent to cause death or really serious harm. Typically a two year gaol sentence in these circs.
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    Preston Tickets - Available Online Now

    Got mine at 9.45am!
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    Buildings that Blackpool was stupid to get rid of

    I have some sympathy with this, but who pays for the upkeep of failing old buildings?