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    MCLF: Match blog - Doncaster Rovers vs the Mighty

    Well put.
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    Floaty set pieces

    Sullay was poor tonight but he's generally been decent and a step up from Robson and Ward.
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    My son (7) and daughter (9) are...

    My lad decided early on that the best policy is to simply decide from before the kick ff that we are definitely going to lose. Safest option. He watched first half with me and then when I told him we'd lost, he just went 'what?! - typical...' - he's 9. I'm sort of very proud of that and...
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    MCLF: Match blog - Doncaster Rovers vs the Mighty Hmmm. One from the big book of 'games that remind you of how it felt when Macca was manager' I think. Brilliant then shit and no in between. Oh well. Have a good evening.
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    Doncaster Rovers v Blackpool Official Matchnight Thread 24.11.20 Grumpy now. Fuck's sake. Not read owt on here, so I don't know whose fault it was yet! Match report if you like such things.
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    O/T Christmas this year?

    It's economic - Gov't shit scared people won't bother as much and spending drops massively.
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    Are veteran/experienced players getting younger?

    Kevin Ellison is the exception that proves the rule. I think he's 41 and got a contract at Newport County this summer irc.
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    Fans back in stadiums

    This 4k limit is odd. Surely it's got to be some sort of scale. Why limit old Trafford to 4k? Is it more to do with transport than the ground itself. I.e. 4k travelling to Man U is no different than 4k travelling to Blackpool? I almost don't want to think about it as it will be so...
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    Who did your old man always tell you about?

    Tony Waiters was the name I remember hearing along with Sir Jim.
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    Credit to coach Critchley

    Yeah, it's all a bit 80s Italian football. Everyone likes a good but of passing football but just knocking it about for no reason is just daft.
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    Credit to coach Critchley

    Full credit to Critchley. It doesn't matter if it's him, him and Calderwood or Calderwood who has had most influence, he's shown he's not some stubborn, one note purist but someone who will reflect and respond and listen to alternative voices or develop a plan B if plan a ain't working. If...
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    Brett: He's y'know, gone and scored one of them, y'know, (pause) y'know.... what you call em? Chissy: Goals? Brett: That's it Chissy!
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    This thread is killing me again. It's literally the same thread we had last week and I'm laughing just as much.
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    Please make that a thing we can see 🤣