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    Last game of the season

    Really pleased to hear that you're on the up. It's good to talk !
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    Lincoln City v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 10.04.21

    3-1 us I reckon, can't wait !
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    RIP Prince Phillip

    Not a Royalist bit I am a humanist and feel the deepest sympathy for the grieving family left behind. Edit to add condolences to Bottle and family.
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    o/t Computer Stuff kids today wouldn't get

    The Sierpinski Curve ! Awaits utter silence.
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    Screening and ventilation louvres

    Does anybody know if Pete Haslam still works there ( owners son ), big Pool fan ?
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    Grandson is stuck for choice

    I bought my wife a 10 yr old Smart car and it is the bollocks ! Fantastic for around town.
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    Option on Ward

    That's assuming he wants too stay. He's had a very good ' shop window ' to be viewed in. There will be more than us after him that's for sure !
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    If we actually beat Sunderland home and away

    Playoffs could possibly be three games too many for uswith the schedule that we've had over the last 6 - 8 weeks I fear.
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    Charlton v Lincoln

    They've got Nigel Adkins in.
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    Lincoln next Saturday

    a bit like Bolton last season when everybody who played them early doors got a free hit as they had to play the kids. Yes please !
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    Steve Evans
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    Charlton v Lincoln

    Charlton along with us will be the two teams to fear in the playoffs unless we pull off automatic.
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    55 year old man getting giddy

    I soiled myself twice during that game and I'm only 57 !
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    Sunderland concerns?

    I really think we can win both if we don't get anymore injuries. 🤞