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    5 substitutions

    For me Critch struggled adjusting from 5 to 3 subs. He adopted a more positive approach with 5. I felt with 3 he was more cautious in his starting set up. 5 is a lot more forgiving when a manager needs to change the starting team / set up. With the talent we have in the squad, 5 would benefit us.
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    Your one piece of advice to Critch this summer

    Don’t build your team and style of play around big Gaz.
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    Sunderland v Wycombe - Match Thread

    The gulf in quality between this and last year is huge.
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    Single sign on service

    I set mine up & linked to my customer reference, but then the ticket site is in operative. My son registered but can’t link his reference, just says unable to verify user identity. @SLO_BFC can you feedback please, because the problems are widespread, yet there is nothing on the website to...
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    Does this site keep breaking down?

    Me too, not working on wi-fi.
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    Trees v The blades play off 2nd leg

    Yes, had that discussion watching tonight with my lad. If Forest don’t go up they will likely lose Johnson and Spence, Davies, Zinkernagel and Garner. That’s a lot of quality to lose, even if they have cash to splash.
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    Trees v The blades play off 2nd leg

    So which ground do we want to miss out on next season, Huddersfield or Forest? Both good away trips, but I prefer a trip to Nottingham.
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    Trees v The blades play off 2nd leg

    Great advert for the Championship. Good to watch as a neutral, to see what we need to be, to challenge. We do have quality, but it’s the intensity for me. In glimpses we’ve seen it, but we’ve been too pedestrian at times.
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    Attracting Gay fans

    Tongue in cheek, but nonetheless a tasteless thread with some poor posts. Come on folks, take a step back and just think what Jake would make of it. Surely we’re better than this.
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    New Official Site?

    I’ve linked my customer number earlier, but my son can’t link his now. Looks like it’s down to system failure, so hopefully they get it sorted.
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    New Official Site?

    Done, as 20’s says, move the verification email from spam to inbox. Linked my customer number, but can’t access the ticketing system though from the link. Maybe it’s not ready or can’t cope.
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    Cost per game with Membership £27.65 for 23 games

    So you seriously think the match day prices should have been at the top of the notice, before ST prices. Not one other club would do that, so to claim the club hid the detail is simply laughable. I’m pretty certain the format of the announcement was the same last season. As has been said, it’s...
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    Another season of empty seats then

    No, I’m referring to the points made in this thread about why fans can’t buy a ST. The club is offering tickets at £16 a match, which is great value. However, for those unable to buy, it is also offering membership & discounted match day tickets. They can’t please everyone.
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    Another season of empty seats then

    Then it’s more economical to purchase a ST, even if you can’t make all the games. I have to miss the odd game, but it’s still cheaper than buying individual tickets. It’s not rocket science that ST will be the cheapest option. The booking fee, do fans really expect this for free? Everywhere...
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    Another season of empty seats then

    Well it’s been dire for many of the 40 years I’ve been going, but that’s what being a fan is about. I don’t really care too much about fans who blow hot & cold, and it just reinforces the point that fair weather fans will be just that, whether the price of a ticket is £10 or £28.