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    Public backlash against media coverage of Prince Philips death

    Trouble is what are they going to do when the queen dies. They can hardly do less unless she specifically demands it.
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    Unfortunately some refs in this division think so too which we need to be mindful of
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    Were we 'too good to go down' in the Prem?

    I’m sure you’re right about staying up. Straight after the last game was played Sky were doing a recap and Jamie Redknapp said then that but for bad refereeing decisions we would not have gone down
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    Sarah Everard - Shocking murder

    Taken from the BBC website - Gatherings in public are generally banned in England but, at the same time, the rules recognise there are "reasonable excuses" to be outside. But the law doesn't specify whether a demonstration on a major issue of public importance - such as this vigil - is one of...
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    Tony Green ,a nice little read

    Even though it’s 50 years since he played for us it’s obvious on this board how revered he is. I doubt anyone has ever said a bad word about him and no surprise he was nominated as an all time Newcastle great
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    Old Bill - Clapham Common

    In Manchester on several occasions people have gathered in their hundreds for wakes and funerals for members of the criminal fraternity with not a mask in sight. The police decided to do nothing about it. Meanwhile a group of women hold a vigil by and large wearing masks and observing social...
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    Haz and Megs’ problem goes nuclear.

    Maybe she should have asked how, given her aversion to racism she ended up married to Harry who is not averse to a bit of racism himself. Remember ”my little Paki friend” comment. And not forgetting his nazi costume at a natives and colonials fancy dress party
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    Haz and Megs’ problem goes nuclear.

    It seems to me like double standards that she sued the Daily Mail for breach of privacy for publishing a letter effectively dishing the dirt on her and her fathers relationship then goes on TV dishing the dirt on her in laws
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    Haz and Megs’ problem goes nuclear.

    You’d think after all that they’d just want to slip away quietly and lead a normal life
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    An idea but is it possible

    I doubt very much they can guarantee there will be no further injuries especially given the amount of games we have to play to catch up, any more than they could arrange for the weather to come to our rescue now. If there is a problem with the pitch it will only come to light when we have the...
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    Jerry’s goal.....just wondering

    It would still need the ref to recognise the cheating
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    Statement - Blackpool/Burton/EFL

    To write that you have to think it. What must he think if something serious happens. The pictures not that clear but it doesn’t look like a kid to me. If you have anger management issues you should stay away from social media
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    Cheating going on ????

    Because at 6 o’clock the ref was happy with the pitch. He only called it off when Burton intervened. Anyway hopefully this will fire us up for when the match is eventually played
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    Club statement about last night

    Out of interest did any of our players not slip? Maybe Burton just had the wrong boots on!
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    Rita Ora

    It’s all come out during a license review hearing. Apparently the manager who took the money has been sacked. Says he took it because he was greedy