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    Patino !!!!!!

    So we aren’t allowed to analysis the obvious weaknesses of the system without jeopardising our status as supporters Got it 👍😆
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    Patino !!!!!!

    Not read all the thread however if we continue to play two / three attack minded midfielders without cover in this division we need to be prepared for a few heavy defeats For me it has to be two holding ( who can pass a ball to feet ! ) and one sitting in front ie Connolly and Dougall ( or...
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    The Way We Are Perceived

    To be honest I’m not too sure what I think about what they think What I didn’t realise was how overwhelmingly positive our role is perceived in Eastern Europe ( Russia excepted )
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    The Way We Are Perceived

    Had my eyes open tonight in a conversation with Kaspars Varpins ( VB’s man on the ground at Blackpool) He’s made the observation that in Latvia the perception is that the U.K.’s role in tackling Russia is a game changer and that had it not been for us Ukraine would’ve capitulated to Putin He...
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    O/T conveyance solicitor recommendation

    If you are married you can't If you aren't whats yours is your etc though there are caveats Call me if you want a chat
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    O/T conveyance solicitor recommendation

    We can assist If you want a quote you can request via the website or call
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    Seasiders Podcast Preview Show 8pm

    It’s back ! Join us at 8pm
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    Energy company profits

    Can anyone logically explain ( save avarice ) why the Gov't is fixing the energy price cap at a level that allows these windfall profits to be made It's beyond ridiculous
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    How many to Stoke?

    I'd make it go to Stoke and you are AAA for Burnley
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    Dom Thompson

    Looks like he was loving the atmosphere as well when he came over the North at the end
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    Rooney 1 Vardy 0

    To be fair to Rooney she was on the receiving end of the claim and defended it whilst trying to settle Vardy was having none of it and ran the most implausible case as to how crucial evidence went missing
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    Bullshit Ben

    Suspect there is something in this
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    Refund received for TTV payment error

    Did you have to ask ? I got mine maybe two weeks ago but I did email and chase up Just wondering if all will get the refund or only the ones who ask
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    I've ditched Sky....Advice on how to watch

    Thought you were on commission for Sky Q Blood
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    Starting 11 v Reading

    Grimshaw Connolly Ekpiteta Williams / Keogh - depending on the latter's fitness Thompson Fiorini Dougall Carey Keshi Bowler Madine