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    Happy Birthday Mosser - whose birthday do you share ?

    Behave, Harrison was born on the 25th. 😁 I was born on the same day as Shaun Goater and Julie Hesmondhalgh
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    The Massive

    I think it was Cheshire_Seasider who coined it the season we beat them four times
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    #PrayForJaffa 🙏
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    George McKnight info

    According to my version he did play against Sheff Weds in the 3rd round
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    George McKnight info

    Looking at Roy Calley's book he scored 3 in a 4-0 win at home to Fulham on Sept 4 1950. Jackie Mudie got the other, he was wearing the 9 shirt which looks like he was deputising for Mortensen as Matthews played in the match.
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    Fleetwood vs Blackpool: Three Word Game

    Fish lickers licked
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    Sidney Powell

    Sacked from a "legal team" that Chris Christie has labelled a national embarrassment.
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    Owen Oyston -Trump

    Hopefully they are as successful as each other in a courtroom.
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    Come on Joe

    Trump's speech was pure gaslighting
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    Where did you buy ....

    Prince Charming from Cobweb Records in Cleveleys
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    I think the goal at Millwall wasn't long after we'd signed him, I was in the home end having gone with a Millwall supporting colleague.
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    Things that latecomers to AVFTT won't know about?

    Chopper McPhee's training ground reports
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    Trump has Covid 19

    I expect him to succomb and be resurrected on the third day.
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    Trump has Covid 19

    It's easy to be sceptical with his propensity for bullshit.