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    Best fish???

    Slightly selective as the same article has the paragraph "James Marr brought a fleet of steam trawlers to Fleetwood and actively started to change the port by selectively fishing for hake. Until then the fish had been a much less desirable catch. It was the Marr family who owned another well...
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    Best fish???

    Definitely hake.
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    Best fish???

    Showing your love for all things Fleetwood which was a renowned hake port. 🥰
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    Gone South

    If he does have MH issues then running for office isn't going to help, especially with the scrutiny and ridicule that this type of activity attracts.
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    Most talented football brothers

    Alan and Ian Wright 👍
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    Jack Charlton RIP

    He was a guest when the club held a 40th anniversary dinner for the World Cup win, Alan Ball and Sir Jim were also there. There was an embarrassingly bad comedian booked who bombed and Jack was the next speaker. I think he was getting heckled and threatened the audience to "shut up or I'll...
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    Ghislaine Maxwell

    Happily swap him for Anne Sacoolas.
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    Who Would Have Thought it...Osama Bin Laden a Leeds Fan.

    Definitely a Gooner, he was banned from Highbury after 9/11
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    GTF makes it in to Viz!!

    Great player and came to us at a time when Huddersfield seemed to be our feeder club.
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    Not forgetting that massive (Sheff Weds massive) europhile Peter Bone
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    Have you converted all your kids to BFC fans

    My eldest son was a Liverpool and Cods fan but coming to Bloomfield Road this season he's realised that supporting Fleetwood was a fairly soulless enterprise so has come over from the dark side. Eventually he'll drop the scousers 😎
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    Games you've seen in the opposition's home end

    Millwall 96 or 97 I think it was just after we'd signed Chris Malkin. Went with a Millwall supporting colleague and Malkin scored early on, forgetting which end I was in I was about to jump to my feet when my colleague put his hand on my shoulder and said "If you want to get out alive stay in...
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    Now there's a good idea.

    Pots and kettles?
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    Can we choose an AVFTT Bundesliga Team? Poll Two

    Paderborn. Home of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment in the mid to late 80s
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    Road bike/turbo trainer stupid question

    Yep just need a 700c wheel and cassette.