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    Boro, Barnsley, Hull, T'Rovers - how many points?

    12, obviously
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    Just back 😁

    Neil Warnock anagram is Colin Wanker
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    Prediction Game 8 Middlesbrough v Blackpool 18.09.21

    Boro 1 Blackpool 2 Yates
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    Australia scraps French submarine contract

    Except it doesn't. Adelaide isn't in the North of England.
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    Compulsory Vaccinations a good idea or threat to civil liberties

    No one knew covid was coming along and there was a vaccination. If another new disease that's avoidable with a jab comes along are you saying existing employees would not have to take it? This is just another condition of the job surely? Its no different than convicted sex pests not being...
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    Australia scraps French submarine contract

    China won't be happy if another nuclear power emerged on their doorstep.
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    Australia scraps French submarine contract

    I think the answer is no.
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    Australia scraps French submarine contract

    Nuclear powered doesn't mean nuclear capability.
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    Chris Hughton sacked

    Big Sam 😉
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    County Championship set for epic finale

    To be fair, I've done the same in the old Pavilion at Old Trafford during a county game.
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    Fans Led Review

    She'll be too busy going on Celebrity Something or other...
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    Breaking news. Derby Live reporting agreed 12 points deduction with 3 pts suspended.
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    To get a 9 point deduction for breaching FFP. Good.
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    There was POTG, so presumably none of the late comers paid.
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    10 million people will die by 2030’s

    There's also the Insta generation who can't be seen wearing the same outfit twice. Brand new clothes disposed of after an evening out. Consumption at its worst.