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    Faster-than-light travel - is it possible?

    I'll just be happy to see the training ground built 🙄
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    Thumbs up from Jerry T-shirts for sale.

    Never quite got the stubble under the chin thing some blokes have. Either get a beard or don't! Either way, he could have a mohican and a pencil moustache for all I care. ❤️ Jerry!
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    Embo Goal from behind the goal.

    I really don't understand our fans - this season they've written off Turton, Kaikai, Husband, Thorniley, Ward .. and yes Jerry Yates .. in fact most of the squad and the manager and the Groundsman and Tony Parr (although that was fair enough 🤣😉)!
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    o/t Computer Stuff kids today wouldn't get

    I'll start off with MSN Messenger!
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    Sullay Kaikai appreciation thread

    Thanks to the o/p .. there's my new BFC Wallpaper sorted.
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    So to Saturday's Fixtures

    Since I started doing these little updates on the next set of fixtures, it's interesting (potentially) how many sides we've lost along the way! Fleetwood, Oxford, Crewe, Accrington and I'd even say Doncaster and Gillingham will now struggle to get in the Top Six and so for me the Top 3 are...
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    Must say have given up this season. Most weeks there is always one 'obvious' result that doesn't go the obvious way. I think whilst crowds aren't at games, the winning acca is a thing of the past.
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    Why do so few players have a 'long throw' ability?

    Just watching Cheltenham's goal against Tranmere most of which came from Ben Tozer's long throw straight in to the box. I wonder why so few footballers have this skill which is effectively as good as a corner everytime they are in your half (remember Ben Burgess counting 21 long throws from...
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    Dan Kemp

    Have noticed he always likes BFC's instagram posts!
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    MCLF: Match Blog - Swindon Town vs the Mighty

    Love the analogy of Madine as the second coming! I must have missed the last supper! Look forward to a miracle on Monday .. let's just hope King Herod Oyston doesn't return with his Jezebel 😳
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    Memories of Pool v Gillingham

    Went there once - one of the dullest places in the world - stuck in the middle of a dreary housing estate. Can anyone name anything that has ever happened in Gillingham!
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    Swindon Town v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 02.04.21

    Wow 72.2% possession!
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    Swindon Town v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 02.04.21

    Hopefully they’ll try and get the ball in our half and open the game up a bit second half which should be to our advantage.
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    Swindon Town v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 02.04.21

    Think we need to go a bit more direct here - playing it around too much on a poor pitch.
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    Swindon Town v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 02.04.21

    Some shocking passing going on here - although the Swindon commentators said the pitch has been poor.