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  1. 1966_and_all_that

    Thread about the English Channel Tragedy

    No, I'm not starting it up again. I didn't post on the original but I've just read it. Come on AVFTT, we've got to be better than that. People died here. The forum doesn't need a yaa-boo one-upmanship thread on occasions like this.
  2. 1966_and_all_that

    Don't Shoot Me....

    ...and I'm not even a piano player. No, my reason for posting this is a concern about our lack of wins of late. Of our last 4 games - Stoke, QPR, Swansea and West Brom - I'd say that Stoke was the only disappointment. Getting the draws against QPR, Swansea and WBA were good results. Don't get...
  3. 1966_and_all_that

    WBA - 3 Word Game

    Cancelled each other out really: Fire power needed.
  4. 1966_and_all_that

    Swansea - 3 Word Game

    Wow....we do like to leave it late... Hard won point!
  5. 1966_and_all_that

    A Jurassic Embarrassment

    So, our sleaze-free Tory Government arranged for the vote on the ratification of the Paterson report to be shunted to the end of the day whilst also securing a motion that only one MP needed to object to in order for it to fail. Step forward Sir Christopher Chope, MP for Christchurch, who duly...
  6. 1966_and_all_that

    QPR - 3 Word Game

    The ref played a blinder...for them: Nip and tuck.
  7. 1966_and_all_that

    Compare & Contrast

    Two men. Both the wrong side of 50. One attended a grammar school in Leicester followed by Clare College, Cambridge. The other attended Eton College followed by Balliol, Oxford. One man is a holder of the Order of Merit. The other isn't. The one who holds the OM wore a mask at COP 26 and made a...
  8. 1966_and_all_that

    Throwing Missiles

    So the juvenile delinquents who throw missiles onto the pitch romantically believe they are an important hooligan group called Muckers. They are no such thing. They are a group of puerile, ill-educated nobodies who might get the Club a three point deduction. Grow up kiddies or go and bother your...
  9. 1966_and_all_that

    Stoke City - 3 Word Game

    ...and back to the keeper, again: Wrong, wrong tactics.
  10. 1966_and_all_that

    Progress Chart - October 21

    Well, what a fantastic month! Let's hope it continues in November, starting with a home win against Stoke City on Wednesday. UTP!
  11. 1966_and_all_that

    Sheff Utd - 3 Word Game

    Football eh?...bloody hell! What a fantastic win: Oh happy day!
  12. 1966_and_all_that


    In the EFL paper he's in the Team of the Week. Husband also.
  13. 1966_and_all_that

    Knobbers - 3 Word Game

    Phew, what a day! UP THE POOL!
  14. 1966_and_all_that


    Reading the various threads it's obvious that we're all as high as kites at the moment. I don't want the bubble to burst on Saturday, but even if it does, I think we're going somewhere good. UTP!
  15. 1966_and_all_that

    Reading - 3 Word Game

    High as a bleeding kite! Dale = Yates = goals
  16. 1966_and_all_that

    Reading TTV

    Not after a big thread here but I've just been on TTV and it looks like I can pay £10 to watch it live on Wednesday. Can anyone confirm before I part with my tenner?
  17. 1966_and_all_that

    The admin, Please Read....note.

    Reading the Guardian this morning got me to thinking about the way political discourse in our country had become so coarse, so aggressive. I believe that much of this has to do with the way that on-line social media had enabled anybody to put their twopenneth up for consideration without having...
  18. 1966_and_all_that


    Battery's nearly out but, Grimshaw?
  19. 1966_and_all_that

    Forest - 3 Word Game

    Nothing we didn't expect. Bridge too far?
  20. 1966_and_all_that

    Don't be angry at the reality - 2

    Following Saturday's Guardian article about the strides being made in environmental protection at Forest Green Rovers, comes an article today focussing on work the EFL is doing with the 72 clubs to expand upon this initiative: "On Monday the league will announce details of EFL Green Clubs, a...