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    Are we going to struggle to keep Marv?

    I agree with your comments but not your valuation...I would think if we can get over £2 million we should be more than happy. The ball is a hot potato for him at times and his passing and general distribution is very limited. However he more than compensates for that with his strength, pace and...


    Nearly Two years away because of covid and still people come up with excuses not to go… to be honest it is their loss and they are missing some great games as we compete with teams who were streets ahead of us not that long ago. I wish there were more but the club need to fight tooth and nail to...


    Agree with this and when you watch him closely week in week out he cannot pass the ball forward.. his distribution is woeful and that is his weak spot. The rest of his game (including a great finish at boro) is excellent and he was great in the air last night. He’s a great signing and the whole...

    Don’t start me on Bowler.

    Spot on.. and imagine if the roles were reversed.. we would never hear the end of how shit he is … some of our fans are very very fickle..Marvin and husband appear to be fighting it out for man of the match before a ball is even kicked according to some… both have shocking distribution but are...

    My ratings

    KESHI would have been my motm followed by James but there were many good performances… I will welcome Maxwell back with open arms

    Don’t start me on Bowler.

    He was poor last night but the o/p doesn’t half spout some shite… why would you pick on one of our own young players… I find it baffling… to be fair it was the same with keogh until people actually gave him a chance. Josh was top of the dribbling stats in all four divisions last time I looked so...

    Grimshaw vs Maxwell

    Grimshaw has done ok but is still well behind Maxwell for me...no room for sentiment and play your best keeper available...that is Maxwell...we have missed his quick thinking getting the ball to the full backs at pace

    Your first Gig......

    Whitesnake at the guild hall

    Independent Regulator - IT’S HOTTING UP

    It didnt for little old Blackpool...what it did do was allow our egregious owners to benefit massively. Unfortunately whilst there are eye watering amounts of money involved then there will never be a perfect solution. The top clubs are so greedy that it has severely damaged the and distorted...

    How many have we sold for Swansea?

    Ha Im not so sure and remember having heard and seen you described as a bald boro bastard by our own Blackpool yoof at the riverside this season

    When We Return

    Tbf grimshaw has done ok and certainly better than I thought after the Forest game where he looked nervous and couldn’t kick the ball. He made a great save at sheff u and had little chance with any of the goals conceded. However Maxwell is the captain and has been magnificent for 18 months…...

    Operation Shithouse

    Think that you have a point Mac… also think the attitude of the police is let them clash, film it and pick up the pieces later which is a very reckless strategy. No excuses for not keeping away fans back for 15 mins to avoid all issues … I just don’t buy this human rights bollux they are spouting

    Operation Shithouse

    It's a red herring and a load of cobblers...the Old Bill think they are doing a great job when in reality virtually every game is a powderkeg that could explode into a mass brawl. Just keep the away fans in for 15 mins no ifs no buts...problem solved.

    Operation Shithouse

    Another half cocked attempt by the police to disperse the crowd after the match tonight. Clueless beyond belief and tbh its an accident waiting to happen. The chants of you dont know what you're doing have never been more appropriate. Pathetic. Just keep the away fans in for 15 mins...all issues...

    Team for QPR?

    It’s a shame because he could have been good at centre half. Grimshaw Gabriel Ekpiteta Connolly Husband Dougall Wintle Carey Bowler Dale Yates

    Mitchell. Gives nothing

    Bowler should have come on just after half time to try and get one of their booked players sent off...as poor as Jerry was I would have left him on rather than play Madine against a team than can easily shackle him and stop him winning any headers. I honestly thought Dale and Bowler would be the...

    The Neil Critchley Effect

    I’m daring to dream

    The Neil Critchley Effect

    For me the positivity around the club is a massive factor and this group genuinely want to win each and every game for themselves the manager, the football club, the fans and even the owners. This has produced a real feel good factor around the place. This team spirit has been nurtured and...

    If Keogh misses out...

    The Chelsea boss played him centre half pre season and said he was magnificent and had given him something to think about… think that tells you all you need to know. He is strong, fast, good in the air and a great tackler….think he would be a massive player for us.

    If Keogh misses out...

    Yes Sterling for me at centre half with Gabriel still at right back