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  1. Archibald Knox

    12 year old boy racially abuses Zaha

    As you say, we do not know the lad’s background and family circumstances. No doubt the social services will become heavily involved. [Which reminds of that old and reprehensible “joke”: What’s the difference between a Social Worker and a Rottweiler ? ]
  2. Archibald Knox

    Norwich are a waste of time club

    That OP is a bit harsh.
  3. Archibald Knox

    Gay Prem Star

    Perhaps the gay footballer is afraid that the professional football community might not be wholly the most educated, liberal and tolerant group in our society? In fact, it’s not a “perhaps”, that is definitely what he is saying. As it’s a lucrative but very short duration career at the top...
  4. Archibald Knox

    12 year old boy racially abuses Zaha

    Are you saying that the police are acting simply out of deference to public expectation? It is the law they are upholding here, but should we ask whether the full weight of that law should fall on an ignorant 12 year old? Should we irretrievably criminalise a child, not yet into his teens, for...
  5. Archibald Knox

    12 year old boy racially abuses Zaha

    What do you you think about the Police arresting a 12 year old and taking him into custody? OK, so he is above the age for criminal responsibility, which is 10 in England and Wales (incidentally, younger than any country in the EU). Clearly, the racist comments are despicable but are they...
  6. Archibald Knox

    Blackpool v west ham

    It was after that loss that Koko radically reduced the cash spend, and peed Holloway off leading to him leaving within a few months after the start of the next season. Koko finally seemed to realise the role luck plays in football, but it had run out and he wasn’t about to spend £15k/week again...
  7. Archibald Knox

    Lytham Baths

    It is the large building, with the portico dated 1927, now known as the Lytham Assembly Rooms, where Dicconson Terrace meets Central Beach on the Green, just down the street from the Square. It used to hold the Fylde Scouts swimming gala each year, which is when I visited. Fylde council closed...
  8. Archibald Knox


    Also known as... Making it up as you go along. Unless one believes they are still “following the science”.
  9. Archibald Knox


    That is why I called it a “desperate” choice. Born out of desperation. I am not judging and we agree.
  10. Archibald Knox


    Getting on public transport is a desperate choice if you have “asthma, copd or any other breathing conditions” given the raised risk.
  11. Archibald Knox


    To be honest, I had in my mind more the Manchester tram network rather than buses. I have not seen a bus inspector for many years, but there are plenty on the Metro tram system and operate in groups of 3 or 4.
  12. Archibald Knox


    Yes. Face coverings are compulsory on public transport and yet many ignore it. What are the transport inspectors doing? Sitting on their hands? The inspectors should hand out free masks and if people refuse to wear one then they should asked to get off. But I have not been on a bus or tram in...
  13. Archibald Knox


    The real economic impact of the CV has not hit yet. Many people have probably enjoyed the 3-month holiday of being furloughed on 80% wages awarded by Boris. And they are not dead. Even with an estimated 60,000 deaths that’s 1 in 1000 of the population. Most families are unaffected, though a few...
  14. Archibald Knox

    Ghislaine Maxwell

    That she was charged so quickly after being arrested suggests that the FBI has already gone through the plea bargaining process with her over the past few months. So they should already know what she knows, for the most part.
  15. Archibald Knox

    500 vouchers for all.

    I am liking the surreal aspects of the public’s response to Rishi’s Restaurant Discount... the Safari Supper... whereby you visit a different restaurant for each of your starter, main and desert and can claim the maximum £10 discount at each establishment. It reminds me of the Window Tax in the...
  16. Archibald Knox

    7/7 : 15 years ago today

    My missus was in an office fronting onto Tavistock Square when the bomb on the double decker bus exploded, just over 100 yards away. The bus had driven past her office window just seconds before. There is a large memorial plaque in Tavistock Square Gardens to the 13 victims who died on the bus...
  17. Archibald Knox

    Commons select committee and Huawei

    What if you work for a U.K. company that has been taken over by an American one? Now US laws determine which countries you can trade with. And, no, as employees you would not be allowed to express a view about that... in my experience.
  18. Archibald Knox

    Trump seems to have lost it today

    I am not so sure that Trump is worried that he might be accused of tax fraud... I am sure his accountants will have cleaned everything up. It may be the case more that his tax returns could identify from where he has got some of his massive business loans from, at preferential interest rates...
  19. Archibald Knox

    Would Owen have put us in administration?

    I thought Old Catweazle claimed he had never taken a penny in salary out of the club? And Koko seemed to just extract loans in lieu of a wage, apart from the Prem season, I recall. So furlough shouldn’t have been an option. But they are the Stains. Everyone else would have been on it.
  20. Archibald Knox

    Akinfenwa claims "Fleetwood representative" made racially insensitive comments

    What’s the difference between calling him a “water buffalo” or a “gorilla” or even a “chimp”? Nothing, they are all have racist connotations because you are comparing him with an “inferior” species from Africa, as a term of abuse. It hardly sounds friendly or affectionate, does it? I think...