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    Wigan need to unload players

    Spot on. We want the Kieffer Moore of a couple of years ago when he went from Ipswich to Barnsley for a couple of hundred thousand. More interesting for us to look at younger Wigan lads who might’ve been on the fringes, perhaps. Callum Lang maybe - scored goals on loan at Oldham and Morecambe...
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    Jerry Yates

    These are not normal times...
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    Would anyone like us to sign some out of contract Championship players?

    Maybe when their season is finished?
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    Club Hotel/Travelodge?

    No idea. Was auctioned (and mortgaged) but don’t know who bought it.
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    Club Hotel/Travelodge?

    The club hotel is owned by the club. The Travelodge isn’t.
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    Where do we think Gnando will end up?

    Charlton, Cardiff seem to be the main rumours. Hull would be plausible (manager knows the division, don’t pay fees). Interesting thing will be where he is in three years. Good luck to him
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    Another Nonsense Rumour?

    Quoting one of those dumb EFL Talk accounts. Remember, it’s all nonsense!
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    Gilks to Horwich

    Interesting that GTF said in his Seasiders podcast interview that he was in talks for the job Dunn took with us. Wonder whether that idea is worth revisiting?
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    Jerry Yates

    (Guess) one year left on his contract. If he doesn’t get in their team they lose him for less in January or nothing next year. If he does play and does well, the vultures will be circling.
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    BFC latest financial accounts released

    More tweets from an independent football finance expert. My take? Nothing much unexpected. It does underline what the interim board was up against ... £101 on wages alone for every £100 in ...
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    HMRC call

    By Googling scam calls involving HMRC, I suppose. Always say you want it in writing. Don’t engage beyond that
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    Jerry Yates

    99% of them are
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    Scrafton claxon

    Or maybe he meant Dunn going to Barrow!
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    Scrafton claxon

    More to come ‘any minute now’. Wonder if this is the brother?
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    Oliver Sarkic

    And another one 👀
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    The player who, if we start with next season, will mean a bad summer

    It’s interesting, given the comments on Delfouneso, that two of Critchley’s first three signings are creative/attacking midfielders
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    Oliver Sarkic

    Nice goal, this...
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    Oliver Sarkic

    Our first Montengegrin player! Interesting we were linked with his brother, too
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    Would Owen have put us in administration?

    The answer to the original question is almost certainly no, for at least a couple of reasons: 1) OO is all about control. Administration means loss of control 2) The first thing the administrator does is to start investigating where any money that should be in the business actually is Actually...
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    Marvin Ekpiteta in the news last year..

    Has anyone pointed out that he was found not guilty!