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  1. TangerineBayern

    Phew, what a day!

    He will hide behind the fact that the police have concluded their investigations and he was not proven guilty of breaking the law on this occasion. The only way he will go will be in the next General Election but one things for sure he’s damaging the Tory Party but who knows whether the letters...
  2. TangerineBayern

    Matt Ingram

    Let’s not forget Maxi is still a very good keeper and we all gnashed our teeth when he went off injured against T'Rovers when Moore came on and made an excellent save at the death! Grimmy is still learning the game and he will be missed if he leaves (but only at the right price), but it’s not...
  3. TangerineBayern

    Leeds celebrate their success….

    Dirty Leeds
  4. TangerineBayern

    Your one piece of advice to Critch this summer

    Seek help and advise from the Welsh Fella 🤣🤣
  5. TangerineBayern

    Pitch invasions: solution.

    VAR could be used to check who the fan supports 🤔
  6. TangerineBayern

    Charlie heading back to the Fylde?

    I’ve heard he’s in discussion with the Armfield Club following their very successful and unbeaten league and cup run!😉
  7. TangerineBayern

    Summer transfer rumours thread.

    Or is Maxi going full time into coaching?
  8. TangerineBayern

    Rail strike on the way?

    Will it make any difference as they are always late, never turn up or cancelled due to staff covid infections!
  9. TangerineBayern

    The “Big” Friendly…..

    Sorry Wizzer l missed that as it went straight over my head🥴 how’s retirement suiting you?
  10. TangerineBayern

    The “Big” Friendly…..

    And see all the plastic fans rear their heads to get tickets, sooner have Accy Stanley for that very reason!
  11. TangerineBayern

    The “Big” Friendly…..

    Away, and will they give us the full Yellow Wall?🤔
  12. TangerineBayern

    Lifetime ban pending

    And as a NF season ticket holder he’s been given a life time ban from the club and quite rightly so! But this is probably too harsh as well for a certain poster on here 😉😉
  13. TangerineBayern

    Lifetime ban pending

    Yeh l know he’s a proper whopper!!
  14. TangerineBayern

    Lifetime ban pending

    Please can you explain your rationale so the rest of us can understand why?
  15. TangerineBayern

    The Germans making a great atmosphere

    Rangers fans on their message board are quite critical of the lack of atmosphere from their fans in the stadium and saying how good the EF fans were in making a lot of noise!
  16. TangerineBayern

    Lifetime ban pending

    I don’t get the stupidity of some people, why would you do something like that in full view of the players, fans and cameras which will scar the idiot for life!🛎end
  17. TangerineBayern

    Estimated 100,000 Rangers fans

    And Frankfurt fans don’t mind a spot of trouble either!
  18. TangerineBayern

    Estimated 100,000 Rangers fans

    And there’s plenty of them here in Albufeira too at the moment!!
  19. TangerineBayern

    Florists v Blades

    Noticed Blade fans streaming out with 10 mins to go but they missed their late goal, this tie isn’t over yet with that goal!
  20. TangerineBayern

    Oxford Bags or Birmingham Bags.

    Remember the star jumpers 🤣🤣