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    o/t Knee op

    Got a partial knee replacement just before last Xmas. They didn’t know whether I was to get a full or partial until they opened the knee. Stick to the physios exercise routine like glue… don’t push beyond what you can endure. At six weeks I was doing 20mins on a static bike 3days a week and...
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    How Not to Run a Football Club - Official Discussion Thread

    Great Job Foggy 😀🍊
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    I’m getting the same message 😡
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    Crazy Uncle Richard is back

    Love him on and off the pitch … 💎 🍊🧡
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    FA Cup not on TTV?

    BBC have the rights to the games. Why they are not showing games that are not “main event” on IPlayer and/or Red Button is probably criminal … Propagates pirate tv usage … not that I would use such a thing 😉
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    Steve Eyre

    I had to mute the commentary towards the end. Chisnall and Eyre just wouldn’t stfu about Gabriel and continued to criticise the team at every possible moment. Good job they were out of reach, I was fookin fuming. The team were working hard, the fans were vocal and these two pratts were just...
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    Knee pain starting in your 40s

    63yr old here; I developed pain in my left knee in my 40’s, not long after my right knee followed suit. I was extremely into my health and fitness, still am, swim, run, cycle, gym, circuits, fell walking, climbing mtb … “you name it I did it” (don’t name parachuting 🪂😱) after 6yrs with the RM I...
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    Todays crowd

    Thanks, I’m in good hands … 👍
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    Todays crowd

    Sat in the hospital now in Whitehaven , under the knife before dinner 👍😂 Good luck with your hip, I’m sure we’ll both be right and back in the ground before some of our players 😉
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    Todays crowd

    Getting a knee op (partial replacement) on Monday … have to self isolate 3 days prior 😫 miss today and through January. I have someone who will use my ST, so that’s 👍
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    You will get information on players progress, not in detail, if you listen to TTV interviews with Critch. There are, generally, two a week. Pre and post match. Last week he spoke about Owen Dales progress. Only a line, but anything deeper is none of our business.
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    We are live on Sky tonight. Press red

    What time does the red button activate? Missed last time as I couldn’t get the red button … tried all the “fixes” recommended by sky, ended up watching from my iPad on sky go 😞
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    MCLF Match blog: the Mighty vs Barnsley

    Great blog post, one of your best 👍
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    MCLF Match blog: the Mighty vs Barnsley

    Look at the eyes … as though you can’t … Your first descriptive name sticks … Crazy Uncle Richard. Richard Fookin’ Keogh: Legend 🧡🍊
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    Blackpool head coach enjoyed sharing Fulham win with the fans

    A great article. What a Head Coach we have, absolute passion for the game and for our club, players and supporters. Neil Critchleys Tangerine Army indeed! 🍊🍊🍊
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    Cycle Park

    Secure cycle parking would be a great asset. The job would have to be done well though; undercover and no access to random passers by. I don’t know if there are any storage areas under the stands, but that would be an ideal area. Happy to pay a “parking charge” as well, if the facilities are secure.
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    Deadline Day Thread

    Sorry 😂😂😂
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    Deadline Day Thread

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    Neil Critchley: Blackpool are a work in progress and patience is needed

    I think I was sat near you …. I was listening to the same. No idea about the modern game. Didn’t know who most of the players were. Very Irritating…