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    Altrincham FC

    My local club I’ve watched since the late 70’s, has today announced it will be full-professional from next season, ending 131 years of part time status. I’m hoping that I might see some of Pool’s talented youngsters on loan there in the future.
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    United Fans Protests

    More embarrassing than the team performance. Going in late? Surely get in early and leave en-masse at kick-off. I saw pictures of a protest recently where loads were wearing this seasons shirt. Half-arsed pretty much like the team.
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    Playing Jerry in the u23 match

    A slap in the face to a class striker and a player who was so instrumental in getting us promoted. I have no idea what is going on in Critch’s head, but for me he’s managed the situation badly. You just don’t do this sort of thing to a player who has done so much since joining the club. His...
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    Tangerine TV - Cardiff

    Anyone received their refund from this match, after the failure of service? I’ve contacted the club multiple occasions and just keep getting back auto-acknowledgements that contain inaccurate / outdated guidance. @SLO_BFC as there is no contact number, can you flag this please. We’ve got to do...
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    Most Ridiculous Comment Of The Day?

    Guy behind me sat on row 4 “ that Sterling, how is he on Chelsea’s books, he’s sh*t” His young son said “dad stop saying that” Some people are hard to please. Class player, we are fortunate to have him.
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    Jerry & Gaz

    Outstanding partnership, never give the opposition a minutes rest. They give us a foothold in every game and today they paved the way for the great end to the game. Jerry may not be scoring, but today he was immense in his running down the opposition, tracking back and general link play. The...
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    I’ll start by saying that the post on Saturday questioning his ability to be a professional footballer was a disgrace. My opinion of course. Last year I posted about Jerry, for fans to get off his back. He proved many wrong and now we ask why Critch isn’t playing him. CJ has had a torrid time...
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    Critch and his decision making

    I was going to post this previously, so the below is not motivated by the game today. I’m bothered about the league and our immediate to medium term future. I like Critch, but I’m struggling with his very questionable decision making at times. He’s experienced enough now, so we need to move...
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    Five Pool players you’d go on a night out with…

    Good question from my lad on the drive home. Jerry (always first name on the sheet) Gaz Jordan Hubby Marv
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    Let’s get behind the lads at Derby

    We do have a good many fickle fans, moaning from early on and leaving with 25 mins to go. We could have been 2-0 but for great keeping. Ok, we are having a bad run at present, but our target this season was consolidation. We are in a strong position to achieve that, and as a club, we’ll get...
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    Too negative up front, again

    Started v QPR when the game was there for the winning, and Jerry didn’t get on. Today we played the weakest team I’ve seen us play this season, and Jerry thrown on at 1-0 down, as predicted. Come on Critch, get our goal scorers on the pitch, not the one dimensional Madine. We’ve chucked away 3...
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    North Stand

    Landed back late afternoon and had to watch the match on Sky Red Button. The commentator repeatedly referred to the atmosphere and the fans in the North in particular. It sounded great and nice that the commentator mentioned it. However, he then had to refer to the bottle throwing etc. The...
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    Standing Firm - BT Sport

    Apologies if this has been posted previously. If you’ve not watched the film, it documents the journey of black players in English football, and the racism they suffer. It’s thought provoking, and shows how far we have come as a nation, from a shameful era, but also that we have a long way to...
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    Sacked another manager, difficult to comprehend the thinking of the owners, when they’ve taken 7 from 21 in the PL.
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    Jeando Fuchs

    Just watched the re-run of the Dundee derby, without Charlie, but interesting to see Jeando over 90 minutes, given our reported interest in him. He’s a big unit, thought he looked decent in the holding midfield role. It’s difficult to know how good he is, because the standard isn’t great, but...
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    So I’ve just read that of the 8000 fans at the City v Spurs final, only 50% will be real fans, no doubt with corporate looked after and some hangers on. Nothing changes in the approach of football hierarchy. I know some tickets will go to NHS etc, but how many and why is it necessary. The best...
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    Team for Saturday

    To achieve the right balance of solidity, creativity and pace I’d like to see 4-2-3-1. Maxwell Gabriel, Husband, Ballard, Garbutt Dougall, Ward Mitchell, Embleton, Kaikai Yates I know it’s unlikely NC will go with Ward and that Virtue will start. That’s fine, if he can repeat his second...
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    Still Very Positive

    Clearly the last few games haven’t been what we hoped for. However, we are just a mini-run way from the play-offs and we mustn’t forget we’ve beaten many of the top teams. It’s the weaker teams we’ve struggled against. Today we looked back to something like our best with the formation and...
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    Jerry Yates

    Can we please get off his back. He’s a clever player and we have provided zero quality to him. Watch his goals online, not just his finishing but his movement and positioning. Not a one trick pony either, as he has the ability to score from different positions / situations. Watch also the...
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    Thought he was excellent today, defensively and his passing. He’s made a very bad mistake and will miss a game, but I hope he doesn’t get too much hammer.