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    Odds for Sheff Utd game

    Bookies are often wrong on individual matches/races but overall they will win. Moral is pick your bets with head not heart
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    Are we safe now?

    Over the last 10yrs 45pts has on average been enough to stay up. This year it will almost certainly be lower.
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    March fixtures and predictions.

    Most boring man on the planet 😁
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    Jake Daniels

    Very pleased for the lad he's a big strong player with loads of skill and totally dedicated. Blackpool boy as well. Congrats to Jake and well done B.F.C.
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    Chelsea vs Blackpool Unofficial Matchnight thread.

    Great prospect BTW its Jake Daniels 😁
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    Youth FA Cup

    Daniels is a big lad, only just 17 years old. A lot bigger than Jerry Yates
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    So where did the supposed £1.5 mil...

    Repot on Benjamin Bloom saying pool asking price is 3mill. More like it but I'd still keep him
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    Reply if you're having a dabble!!

    Must have been my fiver driving the price down 😂
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    Reply if you're having a dabble!!

    11/1 on sky bet