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  1. Olliesoffhistrolley

    Kirk signing?

    Best crosser of the ball last season imho. Game time is key .
  2. Olliesoffhistrolley

    Kirk signing?

    I would welcome Kirk back at the right price .
  3. Olliesoffhistrolley

    Who is this brannagen geezer

    I honestly think he would transform our team but doubt we will pay what’s required to secure his services.
  4. Olliesoffhistrolley

    Signings you want.

    Don’t know who this Brannigan player is but I would like to see us sign Cameron Brannagan from Oxford .
  5. Olliesoffhistrolley


    Very good player I would be delighted if he signed although he doesn’t come cheap and maybe the money would be better spent elsewhere.
  6. Olliesoffhistrolley

    Appleton's resilience

    As I said on another thread he deserves some good luck let’s hope he has it with us.
  7. Olliesoffhistrolley

    It's Appleton :(

    The guy has had to deal with health issues and now deserves a little luck hopefully it will be with us . I cannot feel excited about this appointment but I do wish him all the luck in the world . Lots didn’t fancy Ollie when he was appointed and look how that turned out .
  8. Olliesoffhistrolley

    It's Appleton :(

    He wants to get fans off their seats . He may well achieve that but not in the way he was hoping .
  9. Olliesoffhistrolley

    Billy Bingham

    RIP Billy
  10. Olliesoffhistrolley


    “Appleton seems a strong candidate and it appears that both parties are keen”. That’s worrying ☹️ https://the72.co.uk/275419/michael-appleton-in-the-frame-for-blackpool-job-after-lincoln-city-exit/
  11. Olliesoffhistrolley

    Manager Shortlist

    Manning is the man
  12. Olliesoffhistrolley

    O/T Next Manager

    Liam Manning from MK would be my first choice he has got them playing good football . Unfortunately he would cost and with our current focus on facility’s rather than personnel I think it unlikely. If very limited funds are available for team strengthening attracting a decent manager could prove...
  13. Olliesoffhistrolley

    Charlie Kirk - Yay or Nay

    Best corner taker in the team , not difficult though .
  14. Olliesoffhistrolley


    I believe they have moved on but if anyone knows better I would love to know more .
  15. Olliesoffhistrolley


    I loved Mamma’s back in the day . Best mushrooms in town !
  16. Olliesoffhistrolley

    Another season of empty seats then

    I think that so much of what our club is doing demonstrates that we are a community focused club ,the community trust is doing great work . Regarding season ticket prices I hope the vast majority will support Simon Sadlers ambitions to create a sustainable future for the club and buy season...
  17. Olliesoffhistrolley

    Broadband recommendations

    It all depends on what speed you are looking for and who your moving from . I have been with BT and had no problems but I am probably going to take a punt on Shell Broadband via MSE using link below . Seems reasonable and only 12 month contract. Shell bought out Post Office Broadband I think...
  18. Olliesoffhistrolley

    It's hard to put your finger on it.

    Kirk was fantastic , a clever player with some lovely touches but more importantly great delivery from a dead ball situation. I thought Beesley’s extra speed/mobility enabled us to capitalise on good build up play and he won his fair share in the air , not dissing Madine btw they are different...
  19. Olliesoffhistrolley

    No complaints ...

    A player who showed no care for our injured keeper , don’t like that attitude personally no matter how talented.
  20. Olliesoffhistrolley

    No complaints ...

    Because you love your club ?