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  1. Terminallytangerine

    Irish Flag

    Great to see the lad with the Irish flag there today. All the way from Roscommon. Disappointing that we couldn't give them a win, but all credit for making the journey. #UTMP #COYBIG
  2. Terminallytangerine

    Preston Tickets?

    Have Preston changed their name after last night's game?
  3. Terminallytangerine

    Preston Tickets

    Time to get these on sale and sold.
  4. Terminallytangerine

    Blackpool v MK Dons 2020

    While we have all still got our minds on higher things it is interesting to look back to what was happening a year ago. On TT (the video channel!!) there is a replay of the game against MK Dons at home. We won 1-0 with Kaikai getting our goal and Keogh (before he was canonised) getting a yellow...
  5. Terminallytangerine

    Radio Lancashire Commentary

    Once again it was gash: someone who didn't know the players, was unaware that it was Turton who had come on as substitute and couldn't be bother about the result if all the gibberish about other Lancashire clubs (who cares?) is anything to go by. Give me Chisnell's idiosyncratic but passionate...
  6. Terminallytangerine

    Did the big Serb flick Maxwell's ears ...

    ...or just say something patronising to him in the final moments of the game? Difficult to see on the highlights. Maxwell nearly got his silver hammer out.
  7. Terminallytangerine

    Demetri Mitchell on the grass

    Good to see Demetri Mitchell making a good recovery on Tangerine TV. I was going to suggest the trainer should have a week's wages docked for calling the post 'orange' but he did correct himself later so I'll let him off with a warning. This guy always looks and sounds impressively professional...
  8. Terminallytangerine

    I-Follow Videos Blank Screen?

    Hi. Has anyone else had this problem with the I-follow video archive on the Official Site? Videos don't appear to be playing. You Tube is still working on my laptop so perhaps not the hardware. Any solutions from techy folk if not a universal problem? I might end up topping my laptop if I can't...
  9. Terminallytangerine

    Music to our ears

    "Blackpool are aiming to compete with the Black Cats for promotion next term and have been busy in the transfer window this summer as Neil Critchley looks to put his own stamp on his newly inherited side." How often has s sentence like that appeared in a football publication?
  10. Terminallytangerine

    Died and gone to heaven.

    How amazing was that day in Cardiff ten years ago. What a fantastic achievement. Adam was awesome but so was Evatt, Baptiste, Crainey, Coleman, Southern. To have seen the pool win at Wembley in such a big,big, game....What more can a man ask for in life?!!!