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  1. Terminallytangerine

    Appleton - a fighter and achiever

    As a football supporter all you can do is live in hope. The crucial thing will be not how the fans respond to him pre-season but how the players do. He would not have been my choice but now he is here I hope to eat my words before he was appointed. I do remember that in the play-offs we would...
  2. Terminallytangerine

    Would you be disappointed with Appleton

    I would. His football during the short spell he spent with us was abysmal. I would be very disappointed not to have persuaded Rosenior that we are worth investing his career in.
  3. Terminallytangerine

    Andrew elbowed again

    Have they told him it's pizza?
  4. Terminallytangerine

    Challenging week for Boris

    SavilleNotJimmyShipmanNotHaroldJohnsonNotBoris. Just saying.
  5. Terminallytangerine

    Rosenior visits Notties

    Thank heavens for that. When I read the thread headline I thought he had buggered off to join the Florists!
  6. Terminallytangerine

    Think It’s Rosenior

    Never like to count my chickens, but if it is Rosenior I would be pretty pleased.
  7. Terminallytangerine


    Appleton. The worst option. No thanks.
  8. Terminallytangerine

    Poll: Next BFC Manager

    The slammer more like.
  9. Terminallytangerine

    Summer transfer rumours thread.

    Kirk can cross a ball and take corners, something we have not set the championship on fire for so far so I would like him back. The price does seem a bit steep though. I would want Bobby and Jack Charlton as well for that price.
  10. Terminallytangerine

    Name for the training ground complex.

    Floccinaucinihilpilification Centre - at least it sounds like a complex.
  11. Terminallytangerine

    Kevin Boroduwicz : a tribute

    A very likeable bloke. RIP.
  12. Terminallytangerine

    Released list announced

    It the last game Grant Ward played in - the away game at Bournemouth where he got injured - he was the best player of the field. Gutted for him.
  13. Terminallytangerine

    Seasiders Holiday destinations

    Dorset. I've heard the Hardy's Cottage tour is tangerine themed on a Thursday.
  14. Terminallytangerine

    Irish Flag

    Great to see the lad with the Irish flag there today. All the way from Roscommon. Disappointing that we couldn't give them a win, but all credit for making the journey. #UTMP #COYBIG
  15. Terminallytangerine

    3 Word Game - Peterborough

    Posh Overs Today or Posh Knap Nap
  16. Terminallytangerine

    Callum Camps

    Don't think I would be keen to sign a player who sounds like a medical condition.
  17. Terminallytangerine

    Your highlight of the season

    Reading away. Grandkids, Blackpool supporters who live in Reading, saw the mighty come back from 2-0 down.
  18. Terminallytangerine

    Douglas Tharme

    He didn't cost a tharme and a leg so worth a punt.
  19. Terminallytangerine

    Blackpool v Birmingham Official Matchday Thread 17.04.22

    Proud Seasider!🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑
  20. Terminallytangerine

    Blackpool v Birmingham Official Matchday Thread 17.04.22