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  1. Olliesoffhistrolley

    Why Russia is Invading Ukraine

    It all becomes clear now
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    Eriksen to Brentford

  3. Olliesoffhistrolley

    I Always

    work on the basis that the more I drink the better we play . Worked a treat today …. hic 🤪
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    Never mind Norfolk you will have to wait to ho above us ho ho 😊
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    Songs for Halloween

    Here’s my fave Screaming Lord Sutch and The Savages Till The Following Night
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    Just had to have a little lie down

    Jesus Christ what a f’in unbelievable win . Nite .
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    Taxi for McCarthy ?

    6 straight defeats Swansea banging home the final nail ? As long as they don’t come to the seaside looking for a replacement .
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    Lots of positives

    I thought we did very well all things considered. We were never out of the game and played some good football. 54% possession away from home with a depleted squad , a goal from Yates good performance from Madine (despite his knock) . I can’t help thinking we would have won easily with our first...
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    O/T Fuel Crisis

    Just watched a most informative item on BBC from on-site reporter “Phil McCann” https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/local-news/bbc-breakfast-presenter-phil-mccann-21674754 Anyone see it 😁
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    O/T GoFundMe launched for Psychedelic Furs guitarist

    Just found this , terrible news for all fans of the Furs . John was a founder member of the Furs and performed on all their hits . Fantastic band and fantastic guitarist .Please share link ...
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    Goals conceded

    Would a taller keeper have saved both ? Incidentally I thought Maxwell made at least 1 exception save .Thoughts ?
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    Matty Longstaff anyone ?

  13. Olliesoffhistrolley

    Arsenal to hold Ballard exit talks this week

    Apparently a permanent exit may also be discussed . https://www.footballinsider247.com/sources-arsenal-holding-ballard-exit-talks-this-week-as-multiple-clubs-swoop/
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    Taylor Moore

    Possibly to be made available , thought he was superb for us on loan. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/bristol-city-make-decision-defender-5550749
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    Josh Bowler

    TEAMtalk understands Championship new boys Blackpool have won the race to sign Everton winger Josh Bowler. The 22-year-old joined Everton in 2017 when they snapped him up from Queens Park Rangers. Everton paid £1.5m, rising to £4.25m despite the wideman never making a Championship start for the Rs.
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    Maxwells best game ?

    I think so
  17. Olliesoffhistrolley

    Tenpole Tudor pre match

    Just wondered who had the magnificent idea to play Swords of a Thousand Men before home games ( apologies if this has already been discussed). Anyway , love it !