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  1. Mark_GT

    G7 - Ukraine

    Winter will have a big say in this for all sorts of reasons. However. the vacillation from the likes of France and Germany relates to the weak strategic positions of their political leadership. For instance Le Pen is eating away at Macron's power base and my understanding is she is supportive...
  2. Mark_GT

    3rd Test Eng v NZ

    Back on the cricket, I've been trying to get an update on the BBC cricket site and everything redirects to the womens' test v/s the Saffers. Not a single line of update on when play starts etc v/s NZ. I'm right up for promoting womens' sport and I'm not missing Aggers wittering on about the...
  3. Mark_GT


    This is tied up in the Sadler ethos imo. Negotiate hard at all times. If he stays until Christmas even, he could make a massive difference for us. Based on the training vids on TTV he looks very happy too.
  4. Mark_GT

    3rd Test Eng v NZ

    Another thing to throw in the mix is the gear they used now and then. Helmets and extensive body padding, custom bats etc. Though of course on the other side the bowlers also now have better boots etc. One thing is for certain, Joe Root is a sporting phenomenon. Imagine if he could catch as well?!
  5. Mark_GT

    Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

    There was an excellent programme on bbc 4 the evening they played Glastonbury detailing Robert Plant's post Zep stuff. Should be on iPlayer.
  6. Mark_GT

    o/t Glastonbury Thread 2022

    How many hits do the Pet Shop Boys have? They just keep on coming. Bonkers.
  7. Mark_GT

    The Singaporean Branch of Seasiders In Asia….

    So that's the S...... BSA. Showing your true colours I see 😂
  8. Mark_GT

    o/t Glastonbury Thread 2022

    Probably didn't do Jet after Alan Partridge sang it walking along the bypass 😂
  9. Mark_GT

    o/t Glastonbury Thread 2022

    "I was right!" - see! 🤣🤣 I wouldn't worry about the audience. Most of them were too busy filming themselves. That was a wonderfully eccentric effort from a living legend. When Springers rolls up to pay homage you must be worth it .
  10. Mark_GT

    Who’s “not a drinker”

    I'm convinced the dividing line between being a consistently heavy drinker and an alcoholic is a matter of luck.
  11. Mark_GT

    o/t Glastonbury Thread 2022

    Still struggling for anything. What's all this singalong tripe? What am I missing that I should be watching?
  12. Mark_GT

    3rd Test Eng v NZ

    This could fly from Bracewell
  13. Mark_GT

    Jimmy Armfield Mural Update 🧡🧡🧡🧡

    Even if it's underway for the Rangers game that will create a serious buzz 👍
  14. Mark_GT

    The thick buggers at knobber land.

    Remember - wide brimmed hat and lots of sunscreen. We do worry about you all 👍
  15. Mark_GT

    o/t Glastonbury Thread 2022

    I'll adjust my earlier "shite" summary for Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. They could sing the shake and vac advert and it would be good. Johnny Depp clanging away on the guitar in the background though. Needy celebs eh 🙄😂
  16. Mark_GT

    o/t Glastonbury Thread 2022

    Saw the Charlatans at the Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool last year and they were ace 👍
  17. Mark_GT

    o/t Glastonbury Thread 2022

    Vicki - now you're talking.
  18. Mark_GT

    o/t Glastonbury Thread 2022

    Some right dull shite on so far.
  19. Mark_GT

    3rd Test Eng v NZ

    The positive set up clearly suits him. Shows what the right mindset can do.
  20. Mark_GT

    Rooney resigns

    You'd think they'd need the money to pay for the Scousetrap fiasco 😂