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    Patino best position?

    Looking at his highlights he looks more like a deep lying playmaker rather than a number 10. He seems comfortable collecting the ball off the defence and getting moves started. Make no mistake it's what we have needed. But will he be used in rotation with another man (Fiorini) who looks like...
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    Buying tickets online

    Does anybody else have any issues trying to buy tickets online? I click on the Reading game and it says 'redirecting to partner platform' and gives you the spinning wheel of doom constantly.
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    Starting to get embarrassing

    All these transfer sagas. Back and forth with Brannagan last season. Lyons starting to look more and more unlikely and now this with Bishop. I don't know who is doing the negotiating but I wouldn't be best pleased if I was Sadler. The club will start to get a bad reputation when it comes to...
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    Wyre and Fylde (Tangerine or White)

    The population of Blackpool is around 140,000. But how much more potential do we have as a club? The population of Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde is 350,000. Is there a huge catchment area there for us as a club? Or are Wyre and Fylde more Preston's catchment area? I'm guessing Fylde is likely to...
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    Sometimes I forget how much I hate Preston

    Then I listen to a nobber talk or I go on pneonline and I'm reminded just what a bunch of drab, thick, dim witted morons they are. I do wonder sometimes if they are on a wind-up. But who would purposely act so thick? They can say all they want about Blackpool. Drag queens, smack heads bla bla...
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    Here's how full each Championship ground has been this season.

    How relevant it is I don't really know. But still interesting I Guess. At 75% in our first season back in the Championship and still very early into Sadler's reign. I would say that makes for optimistic viewing.
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    BIG FAT BOOOO flag to deepdale

    I'll happily contribute to it 😃
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    Playfootball (formerly Vida) Garstang Road

    As of today has closed. Rumours have long been circulating that the new training ground will be on Garstang Road. Some people thought that might not be possible as any spare land was on the Poulton side of the border. Now that Playfootball has ceased trading, does that open up the door for...
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    Huddersfield sales

    Looking like the number so far is around 50 shy of 2,000. Will we sell out our allocation? I can't help but think we would have sold out a couple of weeks ago if results hadn't been so poor. A win on Saturday might just entice that remaining 300 or so.
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    Best atmosphere at Bloomfield Road...

    Since Bristol City at home in 2010. I think a combination of an evening kick off, SKY cameras and people being on the booze from around midday onwards resulted in what I think was the best atmosphere in 10 years. All three stands were at it from the first kick onwards. Best fans in the...
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    Just watched the game back

    A few observations which I know have been covered but sod it. Husband was absolutely outstanding 1st half. He was left isolated down their right for pretty much the whole of the 1st half and he defended remarkably. Richard Keogh. What. A. Block. He undoubtably denied them a goal with a last...
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    Norfolk White

    I've noticed you keep taking little snippets from this message board and then go running back to pneonline saying 'They said this. They said that'. How old are you? I bet you were a prefect at school weren't you. Proper teachers pet grassing all the other kids up. If you ask me you should be...
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    344 seats left

    Available for Preston. Re-think needed for that East stand..
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    East stand for P***ton at home

    What do we think the club will do regarding the Northern section of the East Stand? The demand will be there for home fans but I have a horrible feeling we will see a stand full of Nob enders come derby day 😡
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    Luke Garbutt song

    I saw a video on social media of the fans singing a song to the tune of 'ring of fire' about Luke Garbutt. It sounded really good. Did anybody who was there hear it and if so what are the words?
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    Our summer spending

    I don't want to be negative. I don't want to have a pop at Sadler. But how much have we spent? We seem to be way off what is needed to compete in this division. We need proven championship players. Players who are comfortable on the ball. Midfielders who are happy to receive the ball whilst...
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    Was the attendance that bad?

    1. Sheff U v B'ham- 29,043 2. Forest v B'mouth- 25,035 3. West Brom v Luton- 23,289 4. M'boro v Bristol City- 22,004 5. Coventey v Forest- 20,843 6. Stoke v Reading- 19,068 7. Bristol City v B'pool- 18,729 8. Cardiff v Barnsley- 17,431 9. Barnsley v Coventry- 16,961 10. Derby v Huddersfield-...
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    Blue dots left. Payday for some today. Walk-ups tomorrow. I can see them going 👍🏻
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    Any streams for tonight?

    Thanks in advance