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    Worst fears about Appleton coming true

    You'll have to put those coach consultancy costs up 😜
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    Stoke City v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 06.08.22

    How Virtue gets in ahead of Dougall I have no idea.
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    PNEIS online - A new level of delusion

    They have been dying for that ever elusive evidence that their support is better than ours. Then they see this absolute shambles of a report which is clearly over the boycott years and all lose their minds 🤣🤣🤣 Honestly, they take the piss out of Blackpool (donkey shaggers, smack heads, drag...
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    PNEIS online - A new level of delusion

    To be fair it's how you come across to me also. You're a bit of a snake.
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    Would you start with Corbeanu or Patino on Saturday?

    I'd probably go with this too. I don't think you can throw Charlie in straight away and I don't think Appleton will.
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    Another possible Patino chant...

    Very good 👏🏻
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    Patino best position?

    Never really rated him to be honest. Wants too long on the ball and had some bad injuries too. Happy to be proven wrong but he doesn't do it for me and I think there are others ahead of him in the pecking order.
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    Patino best position?

    I would say Connelly is our best holding midfielder. He is the most physical and is underrated when it comes to his technical ability. I still don't get why Virtue was given a new deal. I think this level is too high for him.
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    Patino best position?

    Looking at his highlights he looks more like a deep lying playmaker rather than a number 10. He seems comfortable collecting the ball off the defence and getting moves started. Make no mistake it's what we have needed. But will he be used in rotation with another man (Fiorini) who looks like...
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    Buying tickets online

    Does anybody else have any issues trying to buy tickets online? I click on the Reading game and it says 'redirecting to partner platform' and gives you the spinning wheel of doom constantly.
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    Starting to get embarrassing

    Add another one to the list. Something isn't right! I bet Appleton isn't happy.
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    Brannagan joining...or not

    Joseph Shitlegs. Is that Athers?
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    Summer Transfer Rumours trois - Will Appy (re)sign anyone?

    That music is sending me under
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    Summer Transfer Rumours trois - Will Appy (re)sign anyone?

    Are the club just trying to wind us up now? Is this whole summer just one massive piss take?
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    Starting to get embarrassing

    I don't think Chelsea will loan him back to us again. They will want him to experience a new environment with a different standard of player. Can't see this happening. Happen to be proven wrong though.
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    Starting to get embarrassing

    Lyons off now by all accounts. Further and further down the list we go. Absolutely astonished that we have failed to sign a player permanently with a week to go. We are desperately short in the full back department...
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    Just back

    Keshi has been here 2 years and I still don't know what his best position is 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    Summer Transfer Rumours trois - Will Appy (re)sign anyone?

    Makes you wonder just how serious we are about spending cash on players. Just a week until the season kicks off and we are short in numerous positions. Tin hat time..
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    Training ground update

    All looks fantastic on paper. Not a huge fan of the design though. Looks like something built in the 80's.
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    Starting to get embarrassing

    All these transfer sagas. Back and forth with Brannagan last season. Lyons starting to look more and more unlikely and now this with Bishop. I don't know who is doing the negotiating but I wouldn't be best pleased if I was Sadler. The club will start to get a bad reputation when it comes to...