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  1. Dougall

    Teams who you easily forget were in the Prem

    Are Stoke one of those teams? Bar Charlie being a part of them, I don't really have any memories at all of Stoke in the Prem - no big games, memorable goals, outstanding players .. it's all a bit meh! So any other teams whose time in the Prem just sort of passed you by. Sadly we can't include...
  2. Dougall

    Strange stat about last season

    No side drew more away games in the Championship than Blackpool last season - can't say I noticed that but if you can get a point on the road then it puts you in good stead for your home matches.
  3. Dougall

    A few misjudged Appleton?

    Clearly highly regarded by Arsenal as a coach and in the football world in general.
  4. Dougall

    This medical malarkey

    Still interested to know what Bishop’s medical showed up at Blackpool which it didn’t show up at Portsmouth and of course the great irony in this is the fact we’re being so careful about medicals when it comes to signing players and yet we have 9 players on the treatment table 🙈
  5. Dougall

    Coventry 🤣

  6. Dougall

    Appleton reaction of CB

  7. Dougall

    Nick Alderton

    Quite liked him as a player and never really got the rub of the green with us - good luck to the lad
  8. Dougall

    What about the defence Appleton?

    Still the area that leaves me most worried!
  9. Dougall

    o/t Fenerbache Fans

    admin - feel free to move this to the politics section if needed .. but what idiots the Fenerbache fans are .. hope they enjoy the cold water and freezing homes in the winter.
  10. Dougall

    Clubs whose fans probably hate us ..

    Caveat; they must be more than 50 Miles from Blackpool! So let’s kick off with: Oxford 🙈
  11. Dougall

    Get Branagan and Lose Bowler?

    Bit of a harsh choice - bearing in mind how much we got for Critch, could we not have got them both?
  12. Dougall

    Dear BFC Board

    If you sell Bowler to Blackburn in the next month, I think you can pretty much get ready for League One next season. It's been an abysmally prepared transfer window reflected in the number of players you've brought in (and I realise there were extenuating factors but you can't say that all your...
  13. Dougall

    Bloody Critch .. I knew it!

    Don’t tell the Muckers .. they’ll be messaging him direct!
  14. Dougall

    Hmmmm Free Water 😎

  15. Dougall

    What are we looking for tomorrow?

    After the summer of gloom, we definitely need something to cheer us all up and so what are we after from tomorrow’s performance? I’d like much more ball retention, no switching off from set pieces, look as if we can take chances and score and have at least 50% possession .. and maybe an Erica...
  16. Dougall

    Reading sign 30 year old Midfielder

    Sooner have no signings …
  17. Dougall

    Any questions for Freddie ..

    .. be rude not to 🤣
  18. Dougall

    Mike Phelan 🤣

  19. Dougall

    Signing …

    .. of sorts 🙄
  20. Dougall

    3/4 Targets