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    Next League Away Game

    I will be at Bristol Rovers but sat with a friend and his Rovers Ladies football playing daughter in the rovers end. Difficult to have confidence in our away team but as ever after nearly 60 years I live in hope 🤞
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    Yvette Cooper, opposition MP.

    Didn’t she and Ed have to repay expenses claimed in the expenses scandal? How did all the MPs get away with that which if I had done when working for a PLC I would have been sacked 🤨 one of the reasons the electorate started to lose faith in their MPs
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    Luke Littler

    In the final amazing 🤩
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    Just to make you feel worse

    How can we have the best home record in division 1 but are so shit away 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    Tom Daley New Liverpool coach 🏊‍♂️

    After watching the hi lights Liverpool v Newcastle no wonder Eddie Howe was fuming and rather than award the penalties yellow cards should be given. What on earth were the VAR people doing 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    Good start to 2024 PNE 2-0 behind 😂

    They didn’t 😉
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    Good start to 2024 PNE 2-0 behind 😂

    If we can win today this could be a perfect start to 2024?Happy New Year
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    4 away wins in 2023 and to of those was with Dobbie

    My friends who are Bristol Rovers and Cheltenham season ticket holders are arranging tickets for me and I WAS looking forward esp as new grounds for me. Now I just think it could be rather embarrassing due to our brilliant 🤨 managers tactics. Can he not see he needs to change 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    Port Vale v Blackpool Official Matchnight Thread 29.12.23

    Just watched the highlights and our defense was just wide open🤷🏽‍♂️
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    I can't defend Critchley any more

    What about super Brett presently coach at Bamber Bridge he loves the. Club and we love him
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    amazing support well done👏🏻 you deserve better and vale’s ground and area round it is very depressing so that wouldn’t help. Trouble is critch has an unbelievable 4 year contract ( god knows why) so we are stuck with him I’m afraid 😱
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    Port Vale v Blackpool Official Matchnight Thread 29.12.23

    Surely we can’t afford to lose this one. Port Vale fans unhappy with manager but Burton didn’t have one🤷🏽‍♂️
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    Memories of West Paddock

    Love him or hate him Barry Fry’s a great character
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    Tony Blair

    Any good he did totally eclipsed by following Bush into Iraq knowing there were no weapon of mass destruction. He should have learned from history what Harold Wilson did telling the Yanks he would not commit any troops to Vietnam.
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    Please Simon read this

    Agree and with super Brett as asst. Two guys who love the club
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    Burton Albion v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 26.12.23

    Living in the south I’m going with some Rovers friends to the Bristol Rovers match(new ground for me) but have no expectations of winning, a scabby draw perhaps 🤔 what a terrible situation 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    Burton Albion v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 26.12.23

    You have to presume Simon is a good businessman so say if he’s looking for a CEO unless promoting in house he would look at the applicants track record. So Mr Critchley failed at Villa and Stevie G tried to blame the coach before both sacked and at OPR failed again and was sacked, logically can...
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    Will we be in the playoffs on 2nd January?

    I never realized that 🤔
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    Kates wonderful concert

    I know what you mean Dave but I seem to remember someone looking into this and the timing of her being with Hewitt is all wrong to tie in with her pregnant with Harry. Also plenty of gingers in the Spencer line.
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    Will we be in the playoffs on 2nd January?

    Come on let’s go for three more wins on the bounce UTMP