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  1. TickTock

    Wellens in the stands?

    What did you buy @mropinion
  2. TickTock

    Away form

    .. and then there was Fleetwood where he changed to a side that could cut through a really bad side but the damage was almost done and the sucker punch killed us.
  3. TickTock

    Beesley apology

    I will join in the plaudits and praise when we see him performing to that level week in, week out. For me, he has flashes of looking like a decent player but way too often he either disappears or shows his frailties. More than happy to eat my words because he seems a very genuine and likeable...
  4. TickTock

    Blackpool v Bolton Official Matchday Thread 17.02.24

    They just continue to grind out those results don't they. Must say if we did sneak in there, the opposition in those Play Offs would be the toughest we've faced.
  5. TickTock

    Tuesday's game too soon?

    Looked at very even game at Oxford .. they have two home games and I bet Wellens knows a win against us will leapfrog us. Battle of the minds and Wellens would love to get one over on us!
  6. TickTock

    Terrible Tuesday

    Looking at Tuesday's fixtures .. not really doing us any favours! Derby County v Charlton Athletic Leyton Orient v Blackpool Stevenage v Cambridge United Wigan Athletic v Bolton Wanderers
  7. TickTock

    Coaching Qualifications

    Like making Roger Taylor lead singer of Queen and putting Freddie Mercury on the drums!!
  8. TickTock

    Attendance Tomorrow?

    Looking at seat booker looks like maybe 1000 seats free in the South and West - could be pushing on 13,000?
  9. TickTock

    One slight positive

    Tactically inept!
  10. TickTock

    David Downes

    Had six months to bring in some really good additions to the squad, George Byers, Hayden Coulson, Dan Sassi and Ryan Finnigan. Hardly a huge success. Byers will be OK. but in terms of the strengthening we needed it really scratched the surface. Love a job like his if that's all you have to do to...
  11. TickTock

    INO Pod with Ian Holloway.

    It's 14/15 years ago. A lifetime in football. He's only 60, which these days is nothing, but when he was us he would've been 45 and had a point to prove. I think these days it would be all style and no substance and his presence would be a side show. The press would love it, I'm not sure the...
  12. TickTock

    Tuesday's Team

    Isn't it interesting that even though we're kind of picking our second team here that no one has mentioned Carey. Has a player who would have been in most people's opening day selection ever faded as much as this lad?
  13. TickTock

    Will we finish top of Home league record?

    Notice we've slipped down to 3rd but only by a couple of points. With Bolton and Pompey still to visit, do we think we'll finish top of the home form table and how ironic would it be if we did and didn't get in the Play Offs!!
  14. TickTock

    L1 Tuesday

    Cobblers were pushing towards us a few games ago but then had a bad run of form but did win at the weekend.
  15. TickTock

    Pissing down

    More games for Bolton - their schedule is starting to stack up and you wonder if that might take it's toll.
  16. TickTock

    Kenny Dougall - Message to fans

    Classy from Kenny but actually quite disrespectful from Critchley. After all he has done for the club, making his final appearance a couple of mins off the sub's bench in the BSM Trophy stinks for me.
  17. TickTock

    Sometimes I get greater pleasure in other's demise!

    I will admit that last night I went to bed with a big smile on my face after Posh and Stevenage both lost! Also enjoyed Liverpool losing at the weekend and obviously any defeat for PNE is a good day. Maybe I should give up watching Blackpool and just take pleasure in other club's defeats!
  18. TickTock

    8 Out of Contract in the Summer

    So which would you keep (multiple votes allowed!)
  19. TickTock

    Look what we could have won

    This isn't a post knocking Critchley but cast you minds back 18 months when Critch left us and fans were clamouring for Ian Evatt to join. At the time, I'm sure I remember reading that he was open to an approach and didn't turn anything down (unlike last summer when his colours were firmly tied...
  20. TickTock

    Next 2 matches season defining

    Do we think having won that game that it will breed confidence or the fact it was that intense will leave us a bit leggy?