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    Toughest BFC Game you've watched in the wrong end

    I was in he Liverpool end when we won at Anfield 2-1, with some family friends who had invited us. Pretty difficult to sit on my hands when we went 2 up! Funnily enough another fella nearby was stifling his celebrations too. Would've loved to have been in the away end, but doesn't take away from...
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    Rangers vs Development Squad

    Strong bench
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    O/T Mobile phone reception Bloomfield Rd area

    I've always struggled with signal within the ground. Used to be on Vodafone and it was incredibly slow, if it ever did decide to load. A few months back I switched to Sky and it's even worse. Not only will not load any internet stuff, but seems to not have any phone signal in general, and takes...
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    How many Wembley tickets left numbers?

    Glad I'm not the only one! I'm just constantly refreshing, trying different seats etc.
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    How many Wembley tickets left numbers?

    Anyone getting an error saying ach season ticket holder can purchase one ticket at the discounted price. Please double check, and either choose a different price class, use "assign" to assign tickets to a season ticket holder within your network or remove items from your basket to proceed. When...