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  1. seasider1634

    Kicked off in hospitality

    It was the same bloke that everyone saw on TV when the Forest player kicked the ball into the crowd. He came running down to give it the biggen
  2. seasider1634

    Kicked off in hospitality

    Did anyone see what happened in hospitality? Not long into the game a man started violently shouting at someone else in hospitality. Everyone and their kids in block Q turned around in shock, it wasn’t nice.
  3. seasider1634


    ..signed for Cheltenham (L1) on LOAN from Oldham (National League) His agent could get anyone a contract
  4. seasider1634

    Kenny Dougall

    Bez? 😆
  5. seasider1634

    Throwing the spare ball back into play

    What’s the obsession with our fans throwing the spare ball back into play when the games going on? Happened atleast 3 times yesterday. It’s actually dumbfounded me how stupid some people are. Never seen it happen at other grounds
  6. seasider1634

    Has Rob Apter gone AWOL, or what?!

    He will 100% play under critch next season. No doubt about it. Dembele is keeping him out of the side
  7. seasider1634

    Joseph Chant

    What was it? I think I heard another new chant yesterday aswell
  8. seasider1634

    Quickest goal on home debut.

    Beesley scored 3 minutes into his first start (might have been first appearance, unsure) at Bloomfield against Birmingham. Also scored in 56’
  9. seasider1634

    Granada Reports tonight from 18:06
  10. seasider1634

    Positive from today..

    Seasiders loanee Zak Emmerson scored a hat-trick today for Eastbourne Borough. The fans seem to love him. Hopefully one for the future!
  11. seasider1634

    Wycombe v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 16.09.23

    It's a fluid 352. We move from 442 to 352 in and out of possession.
  12. seasider1634

    Rearranged Date Fleetwood Away?

    Hearing it’s 5th December.
  13. seasider1634

    Owen Moffat

    He never wanted the move here.
  14. seasider1634

    Owen Moffat

    Off to dunfermline on a season long loan. Was supposed to be a good player when we signed him for the dev squad. Hoping a season on loan will do him good.
  15. seasider1634

    Elkan Baggott

    Poised to join us on loan from Ippy. Plays for the Indonesian national team!
  16. seasider1634

    Deadline Day Bingo

    What will happen? I’ve got a few: 1) We sign some random prem youngster on loan that no one has heard about 2) Virtue leaves 3) that’s the end of it..
  17. seasider1634

    Wolves v Blackpool Official Matchnight Thread 29.08.23 seems audio comms are available for free on Wolves TV.
  18. seasider1634

    Wolves v Blackpool Official Matchnight Thread 29.08.23

    Any way to listen to the radio lancs stream online? Last time I tried it was different to the FM version and wasn't providing full match comms.