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  1. Born_in_the_Fifties

    Songs for our current position

    Even the bad times are good - The Tremeloes 1967
  2. Born_in_the_Fifties

    Are you an Optimist or a Pessimist?

    Lovely to see so many Pessimists turning into Optimists since Tuesday night's football results. Doesn't it make one feel a lot happier looking on the brightside? Even though we might be well-piffed off if we don't eventually "get to where we want to be" - FFS, I sound like Simon Grayson when...
  3. Born_in_the_Fifties

    Songs for our current position

    Don't stop believin' - Journey
  4. Born_in_the_Fifties

    Is Beesley our top goal scorer?

    I see you've now edited your original post, changing 'Wes' to 'Was' ... WTF are you playing at...'Chain Letters' ?!😁 C U at Carlisle United😜
  5. Born_in_the_Fifties

    Is Beesley our top goal scorer?

    That's the first time that I've seen Lavery and Wes used in the same sentence, let alone the same breath! Lavery will never be fit to lace The Magician's boots...
  6. Born_in_the_Fifties

    Songs for our current position

    Up the 'Pool - Jethro Tull 🧡
  7. Born_in_the_Fifties

    Good Friday Joke

    Wife...Have you seen the dog bowl? Husband...I didn't even know he liked cricket!
  8. Born_in_the_Fifties

    King Kenny

    Behave Voyeur, you facetious old fart😜the subject was midfielders not strikers! 'Stevie G' definitely had a goal in him eg., 120 goals in 504 games for The Reds, that's about 1 every 4 games. Whereas King Kenny scored 8 in 129 games for our beloved Tangerines, that's about 1 every 16 games...
  9. Born_in_the_Fifties

    King Kenny

    Let's not turn Kenny Dougall into some kind of Steve Gerrard. Apart from his never-to-be-forgotten two goals in the Play-Off Final victory, he only scored 6 goals in the other 128 games that he played for us! FFS, 20togo would've bagged a few more than that based on his remarkable goal-scoring...
  10. Born_in_the_Fifties

    Mike Deans 4 sons

    Like all children, they should be seen and not Herd...
  11. Born_in_the_Fifties

    City v Arsenal

    I said to my daughters that Jesus looked sick at being taken off, but said that he'll be back... One replied that he looked more cross than sick!😱
  12. Born_in_the_Fifties

    Are you an Optimist or a Pessimist?

    I thought the title of my thread was quite a simple question for anybody to answer! Only two options were available (which were the exact opposite of each other) yet quite a few failed miserably to answer either way and somewhat surprisingly opted for some other option. Possibly because having...
  13. Born_in_the_Fifties

    How to beat Wycombe on Monday

    I totally agree with you Wiz, so that's at least two of us who are willing to bash the Bishop!😜
  14. Born_in_the_Fifties

    Are you an Optimist or a Pessimist?

    I've always been an optimist and always looked on the bright side of life, I suppose it stems from my parents and my grandparents who had to endure two World Wars. My four 'kids' are the same and my six grandkids will (fortunately) be brought up the same way with the same outlooks and beliefs...
  15. Born_in_the_Fifties

    Carlisle away Ticket details.

    Just left the club shop with two tickets for me and my eldest grandson.👍 Over one thousand left but couldn't afford them, so decided to leave them for some other reprobates...🧡
  16. Born_in_the_Fifties

    Man U/Liv

    Maybe so, but neither team plays in TANGERINE!🧡
  17. Born_in_the_Fifties

    Team for Wigan

    Agreed, I'd rather drag Ricky Heppolette out of retirement and slap the Nobender in!
  18. Born_in_the_Fifties

    Best/Worst Football Nickname

    Captain Pugwash is a pirate, he supports Fleetwood...
  19. Born_in_the_Fifties

    Shout out for Beesley

    From what I've seen this season, if you take the best of Joseph and the best of Lavery I'd still choose Beesley to play in the team alongside Rhodes. I was talking yesterday with an old Pompey-suppporting mate and he was full of praise for our 'lanky lad' up front - and, despite Colby having a...
  20. Born_in_the_Fifties

    Shout out for Beesley

    I've known the old bugger for nigh on 60 years, he hasn't changed at all....the old love!🤪