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  1. Tangerinemoss

    Wonder if.....

    Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit 😂
  2. Tangerinemoss

    One word that I wouldn't use for this BFC side

  3. Tangerinemoss

    Mark Menzies

    I agree and they need to take back control of their party from the current nut jobs. Whislt I have never been Tory, I had respect for the old style noblesse oblige, like Douglas Hurd, very pleasant chap, Peter Carrington, Ken Clarke, etc. etc. The problem is, Boris had them all purged post...
  4. Tangerinemoss

    Mark Menzies

    I've been reading about stuff in a book 10 years ago about this upstanding member of Parliament. Allegations of getting a dog drunk, apparently his plea that he only photographed it was accepted. His Brazilian lover was an illegal immigrant. Wonder if he was on the list of phone numbers given...
  5. Tangerinemoss

    Good man!

    Because I disagree with the all knowing Phil 😂 😂 😂 😂
  6. Tangerinemoss

    Good man!

    The first bit I agree with. The second bit, can't comment as I rarely see what has been censored before its gone. My gut feel is as long as it is not racist abuse or incitement to violence, surely it comes out as free speech. The excuse we have been told before is the site being concerned about...
  7. Tangerinemoss

    FA Cup Replays Scrapped

    I'm reading that this is a stitch up between the FA and the Premier League, and EFL were not consulted? Plus ca change
  8. Tangerinemoss

    Good man!

    Ha, so I'm loony left but you don't like being called a RWNJ? Seems fair 😳 😂
  9. Tangerinemoss

    Keir Starmer fully confident re Rayner

    Ah, this is where it gets interesting. Green Cards are a temporary thing, but, whilst he was Chancellor, he was awarded permanent status. This means he can both stay indefiniotely without a green card, and also means he has to pay US tax on all his income from anywhere in the world. I wonder if...
  10. Tangerinemoss

    Good man!

    Government gets its axse handed to it in Supreme Court Delighted that the Government's attack on Unions has been declared llegal today by the Supreme Court. I'm sure we all welcome this example of support for free speech
  11. Tangerinemoss

    Keir Starmer fully confident re Rayner

    I agree at zero, but am pxssed off with the millions which are not getting 12 officers working on them. How many are working on Rishi and his wife? Anyone bothered we have an American citizen as PM?
  12. Tangerinemoss

    Keir Starmer fully confident re Rayner

    I agree 100%, but am just flagging the imbalance in reporting something minor compared to the huge wrongs of the current Government, industrial scale dishonesty, in which the media appear to have little interest. Many flagged months ago that the Right Wing media would raise hundreds of red...
  13. Tangerinemoss

    Keir Starmer fully confident re Rayner

    You really do like to be judge, jury and executioner, don't you? The poster who is forever saying "source" 🤣 The poster who is always telling us Mone is innocent as not charged, despite her also being under police investigation. Mone, if you recall, is under investigation for £220M, AR for...
  14. Tangerinemoss

    Good man!

    So in 2020, even Boris disciplined one of his MPs for attending this conference. Bravernman complains about her freedom of speech, yet whilst Home Secretary, took action leading to the possible imprisonment of anyone who silently holds up a placard outside any court, telling juries that it is...
  15. Tangerinemoss

    Jethro Tull in concert on Sky Arts now

    Aqualung is quite a disturbing song, miles before it's time. Love 'em.
  16. Tangerinemoss

    Keir Starmer fully confident re Rayner

    Surely the HMRC investigate tax, not the Police?
  17. Tangerinemoss

    Summers we'd be worried about losing players!

    So what is this based on, a squad for league 1 or for the Championship? If for league 1, this squad would have achieved play offs without the coach's intransigence and slow reaction for substitutes. I find this dismissal of players who have, at times, played some superb football and beaten the...
  18. Tangerinemoss

    Free Solo

    I wondered that, too, particularly as he did not seem to have any understanding of how his actions affected those around him Just seen his mum started climbing at 60, and is the oldest woman to climb El Capitan. Whole family sounds aff theer heids
  19. Tangerinemoss

    Its not just on the manager this

    Are you forgetting you re on AVFTT ? 🤣
  20. Tangerinemoss

    Iran attacks Israel.

    And meanwhile, while the armchair warriors are getting all tough, thousands more people die. We ve hardly moved out of the Stone Age 🙁