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    Gypsy Pentulengo

    I called in and asked if I could have my palm she hit it with a spanner!😉
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    How are the Forest ticket sales going

    Bought 3 this morning at the ticket office.Asked how it was going, said ok-ish about 5k.
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    7 hours to get through customs

    Or arrive on the south coast in a dinghy,get a vip escort to a 4 star hotel meals and spending money,and a vaccine!
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    The pitch

    Maybe the groundsman is working from home!😟
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    Little things you no longer see in football

    And flat caps!
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    In or out

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    Let's have a positive Critchley thread.

    Ive just seen him leave in a taxi!
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    Neil Critchley on our horror show.

    Seems to like watching the pigeons or looking anywhere but the interviewer/camera.His team talks must a real hoot.Sounds like he could talk a glass eye to sleep!
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    I lost the love once, now I've lost it twice

    Correct,too many stocking fillers in that team!
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    Car parking fine advice

    This is nothing but an invoice.I had this go on for months when I lived down south.Do not under any circumstances reply put it in the bin.They will pass it on to another debt recovery company and you will get more letters.The lengths they go to are pathetic.However they will,stop eventually...