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    Was Ryan Hardie the answer?

    Difference is, it's glaringly obvious the talent Lyons has. He's, on the whole, been good for us. Hardie never really did anything for us (though you could put Aguero up top with Nuttall and he'd probably struggle too, in fairness).
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    Was Ryan Hardie the answer?

    Rotherham probably say the same about Yates with us. some players are just a fit for certain clubs and styles of play.
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    With a 3rd win in 4 on the road.
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    Jerry Yates

    True. That was my way of saying that, in a polite manner. 😂
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    Jerry Yates

    He scored 23 goals in our promotion season for us, and 15 in that shit show of a season last year. I think that's a little harsh.
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    Jerry Yates

    I'd love him home. My sense is though that him and Critch had some sort of falling out at the end of that season in the Championship.
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    Nobbers goal difference

    Regardless if they miraculously make it, they'll bottle it in the playoffs. Other sides in there are too strong for them.
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    He's injured?
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    Would you go to the Play Off Final?

    What a stupid post this is. This forum is going to the dogs.
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    Oh have a day off. Luck that we got promoted by the play-offs? What a load of absolute nonsense. You don't get promoted by being " very lucky". How did he keep us up then if it was all by luck? Don't let your hatred for Critch blind you from reality.
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    Should he stay or should he go now?

    There is no chance he goes until next season based on Sadler's interview.
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    Season over

    You have the temperament of a 6 year old child.
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    Who would you most want to avoid?

    Posh the best side I've seen us play this season hands down. I wouldn't fancy us against them on that big Wembley pitch (which will no doubt be subject to a freak heatwave for the day we are there). Would probably suit Bolton's counter-attacking style with the amount of space too. Couldn't...
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    Blackpool v Bolton Official Matchday Thread 17.02.24

    I thought Coulson and Hubby linked up very well in the first half, tbf (which is something I never thought I'd say based on recent weeks). Lyons did extremely well for the penalty though.
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    Blackpool v Bolton Official Matchday Thread 17.02.24

    Oxford got Pompey and Bolton in the next 3 games. Big opportunity to put some pressure on.
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    Blackpool v Bolton Official Matchday Thread 17.02.24

    Give it a rest you melt. You'll knock nobody out. Grown men, embarrassing.
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    Blackpool v Bolton Official Matchday Thread 17.02.24

    F*ck me, I've been through every emotion possible this week.
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    Blackpool v Bolton Official Matchday Thread 17.02.24

    Get Norburn off the pitch.
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    Wayne Rooney will quite happily............

    Critch worked at Liverpool. He isn't a scouser. He's from Crewe.