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    Steve Evans leaves Stevenage

    This is unbelievable timing Why on earth could he not have agreed something in principle and finished the season off? To leave with two games left and 2days before a crucial match when your team can influence the play off places is unbelievable Very poor form and I really hope he fails at...
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    Crowd on Saturday if favourable results on Tuesday?

    For 14k we’d either have to sell every single available ticket in the home stands, or send Barnsley another 2000 tickets 12,000-12,500 is more realistic
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    Oxford v Lincoln

    It would be nice to still have a statistical chance of getting in to the top 6 on Saturday The atmosphere hasn’t been great, for reasons well documented on here, but imagine how flat it will be if the chance of top 6 has gone?
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    Is this the worst trip ?

    With the squad we have I actually think we’d be a pretty strong side playing 4-4-2. It would certainly play to the strength of more of our players
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    Is this the worst trip ?

    im sure those were words I uttered to you second half Plagiarism at its best
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    M6 to Carlisle

    Robinsons free zone Nick
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    M6 to Carlisle

    We set off at 3pm, came off at Kendal and came through the lakes and then north via mungrisdale A journey that should have taken 1:40 took 2:45 A couple of pints in the Old Crown in Hesket Newmarket softened the blow of the extended journey Hope it clears by tomorrow for the rest of the intrepid...
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    Carlisle United v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 13.04.24

    I’m nicely settled in a pub in Dalston 3 miles south of Carlisle. Few pints, bite to eat. Ready for our march upon Carlisle tomorrow What’s the pub of choice the morra!?
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    Cod’s away support

    845 I believe Absolutely atrocious support
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    3 Word game

    Bring On Cods 🐟
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    Ups and Down now our fate is sealed.

    Never listen to what a bloke down the rub-a-dub tells you, especially if he’s had a few pigs ears
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    Squad Values

    Marv was allegedly valued at around £4m a couple of years ago
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    Anyone still going to Carlisle ?

    No, it’s not
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    Anyone still going to Carlisle ?

    In the nicest possible way, and I’m sure you’re a lovely lad, and I wish you no ill will but please stay the fcuk away from Carlisle 🙏
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    Anyone still going to Carlisle ?

    I’m going My 7th away game of season Wins at Barnsley and Shrewsbury Draws at Fleetwood and Oxford Defeats at Bolton and Cambridge So this is the decider
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    City v Arsenal

    This is dull as ditchwater
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    How many have we sold for Derby?

    I’m not sure but I’d suspect a lot lower than normal for a number of reasons. I was on the fence and it would have been a last-minute decision, but apparently no pay on the gate and the ticket office was closed yesterday so that ruled me out. The Wigan performance will have put quite a few off...
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    Your 'on the pitch' moment

    I’ve played in two finals at Bloomers, once in the Hogan cup final for BJFF aged around 12/13 and again in the Saturday league cup when was in my mid 20’s 100% record. Played 2 lost 2 😔
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    Derby County v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 29.03.24

    I am sure that this is on another thread somewhere, but does anyone know if you can pay on the gate or get a ticket down there because I will be last minute if I can go
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    Why have so many written the season off?

    We have a home record that is good enough to be in the play offs at the very least We have had some very good away wins (Barnsley Portsmouth and Peterborough for example) I’m not saying that we are good enough for automatic or that we should definitely get in the play-offs, but we certainly...