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  1. BFC76

    Pack out Bloomfield Road in Tangerine...

    Does this mean the kit hasn't sold well? Wonder if having a betting firm on the shirt has paid off?
  2. BFC76

    Apter League 2 Young .....

    I suppose the question here is did we drop a bullock! 12 Goals in League Two - transfers to maybe 7/8 in League One and, for me, we are 7/8 goals short this season.
  3. BFC76

    The 'Core' of BFC's team

    So you can have up to 7 players - who would be at the core of your team (loans allowed) Grimshaw, Pennington, Eki, Morgan, Byers, Apter No strikers for me as don't think any offer what we need.
  4. BFC76

    Oxford just need one more win

    Pleased for Oxford and @neyo - would have liked Lincoln to sneak in there - however doubt they'll get promoted!
  5. BFC76

    I Still Believe

    The problem with any predictions is that they are usually flawed! I had a go with 10 games to go and quite simply was shocking!
  6. BFC76

    Critchley Radio B/B Presser.

    I have an irrational dislike of him these days from the way he speaks, stands and just being Neil!
  7. BFC76

    Hampshire v Lancashire CC Div.1 12 April 2024

    Least they have two more days of decent weather 👏
  8. BFC76

    Wrexham wage bill

    I think they'll be top half and both them and Stockport will get a bounce from home attendances etc but can't see them going up again.
  9. BFC76

    Songs for our current position

    'Boring, Boring Blackpool'
  10. BFC76

    Review of Today

    The only real horse racing companion today is that CJ should be sent to the knackers yard!
  11. BFC76

    Form Table

    Does Critch use ChatGPT - maybe he gets no 3G in grounds and never gets an answer to his questions of how to change a game!
  12. BFC76

    Cods Vlogs

    Love his impartiality and is always a reminder how awful that East Stand is .. roll on the new stand!
  13. BFC76

    The Final four Games

    Oxford have a massive advantage on Saturday playing Peterborough who play Vale tonight and will have given it their all on Sunday. 3 games in 6 days will take their toll for a side who effectively will now have one eye on the Play Offs. Best bet is they win tonight and still have half a chance...
  14. BFC76

    Watering the Pitch at Half time

    Now call me stupid but after the day's rain we had, was there really a need to water the pitch at half time!! In fairness to the groundstaff and with one game to go, I thought the pitch held up very well.
  15. BFC76

    Is there a Fishy XI

    Salmon Hoskins
  16. BFC76

    If Udders get relegated

    5th in the League One's top scorers and has played 10 games less than those above him. You'd snap his hand off for a new deal. If you think about his injuries - both have been caused by other players and he's not just pulled up like half our squad seem to, It's a yes from me.
  17. BFC76

    Tuesday Ticket availabilty

    VAR would blow Chizzy's mind .. if he still gets all huffy over a late linesman's flag, imagine his reaction to the VAR official!
  18. BFC76

    2022/23 Relegated Teams

    Take away their points deductions and we are on 64, Wigan and Reading on 60. Almost been an open goal for the teams at the top this season as usually one of the relegated sides is in the mix.
  19. BFC76

    Peterborough v Wycombe final

    Glad we weren’t there - would have cringed at Critch fist pumping. No surprise the club with the highest lower league budget wins the Tinpot Trophy.
  20. BFC76

    Tuesday - final interesting night?

    8 points from the last 18 - had that just been 12 remarkably we’d have been really well placed with the remaining games. That said, I wouldn’t have fancied us against anyone in the Play Offs!