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  1. Seainsea

    Who thinks we'll make the P/O's?

    Unlikely but it's not impossible. The next game is always the most important so let's get stuck into those Yorkshire puddings.
  2. Seainsea

    Steve Evans leaves Stevenage

    I don't know if anyone noticed when we played them away that Evans sat on his own in the dugout away from the players and other coaches. I get the feeling they will be glad to see him go and can now play some football!
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    I'll withdraw the word shameful if it causes such offence. I was reading through some of the comments on the Barnsley MB yesterday about their performance on Saturday and what struck me was how similar they were to comments on here about the Head Coach and style of play. They still think...
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    I've read a lot of comments on this board today and to be honest it has been shameful. I honestly believe that some of our supporters have forgotten what it is to support a football team. Obviously, everything bad that happens in the world is down to Critchley and CJ. It has been a...
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    If we were in Barnsley's position we would be looking nervously over our shoulders. All we can do is keep winning and see where it takes us.
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    Agents fees : Feb 23 to Feb 24

    Not sure why you include Luton in that list they have made incredible progress in a relatively short time. They haven't spent shed loads of money in that rise too just made very good decisions on players & Managers.
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    Agents fees : Feb 23 to Feb 24

    Begs the question re: Fleetwood how can they pass Profit & Sustainability rules if they're shelling out so much in agents fees/players salaries on 4-5000 gates? Also those perennial paupers Reading & Wigan who don't seem to learn anything from past point deductions and transfer embargoes.
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    Barnsley chop

    Clutching at straws possibly but Barnsley's form has dipped in the last couple of weeks. They are currently on 74 pts and one win would take them out of our reach even if we won all of our last 3 games. Their last 4 fixtures are Reading (h), Pompey (a), Blackpool (a) and Northampton (h). So if...
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    I didn't realize that the big lad in midfield for Fleetwood was Bosun Lawal, on loan from Celtic. I assume this is a legacy from the Scott Brown tenure. He was highly rated at Watford and Celtic signed him on a long contract. At 6'2" and 20yrs old he would be a useful acquisition for next...
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    MCLF Match blog: the Mighty vs Fleetwood Town

    Agree about Byers he can dictate the play and is the kind of player you need if you want to play possession based football. I'm greedy I would like us to go all out and sign both him and Dembele. Other teams are able to sign these kind of players on a permanent basis but we just seem to...
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    Blackpool v Fleetwood Official Matchnight Thread 09.04.24

    I don't think CJ knows how to tackle but his assist won the game. As somebody mentioned earlier he is a lot more effective than Gabriel in that position. To quote that prick Steve Eyre, who I find incredibly annoying, he needs a lot more devilment in his game
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    Blackpool v Fleetwood Official Matchnight Thread 09.04.24

    Grimmy's been quietly brilliant in the last few months. I would like him to be a bit more vocal with his defence and bulk up a little. That save at the end was Gordon Banks like.
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    TBH, I'm surprised nobody has spotted this and tried to coach him to run in a more orthodox manner. I don't know if that splayed footed style is a root cause of his injury problems but it must affect his balance and ball control. He's a good lad and started the season well but his injuries...
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    Is there a Fishy XI

    Tench Alex-zander Arnold
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    Ben Heneghan on Tues Night

    We could have Harry Kane up there but if we don't create chances then we're not going to score. Joseph for Kouassi otherwise start with the same team as Saturday.
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    MCLF Match blog - the Mighty vs Cambridge United

    That's what a good coach/manager does gives a player the confidence to play with freedom.
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    If Udders get relegated

    He seems to be one of those players who just fits in with our club like Andy Morrell/Paul Dickov/Jason Euell did late in their careers so yes I would offer him a 1+1 deal.
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    The Darkest Days.

    Apparently Mossad is only involved in Foreign intelligence so perhaps this is why the IDF was so utterly unprepared for 7/10. Reminiscent of 9/11 and the failure security forces and intelligence agencies to communicate vital information to each other.
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    MCLF Match blog - the Mighty vs Cambridge United

    I think Sonny Carey is the perfect example of a player that Wellens would get the most out of mainly because he was a similar player himself. Wellens always backed himself and if he could instill that kind of belief in Carey on a consistent basis he would be a major player for us. I am coming...
  20. Seainsea

    I enjoyed that.

    The keeper is Craig Ellison, 36 yrs old and was once on Crewe's books amongst many others. Never played above National League level but once had a trial at Flumenese!