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    Coming down from the Championship?

    Sphincters in full action!
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    Nobbers end of season capitulation ..

    April/May P8 W 1 D 1 L 6 F 4 L 13 -9 Points 4/24 😃 (they only needed 10 more to reach the Play Offs!!)
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    100% agree! Might as well throw the towel in now and put Tony Parr in goal!
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    No chance of a decent friendly?

    Just thinking with the late Euros this year, doubt we’ll get a decent friendly game. If we did it’d probably be the B team. About time they played the BSM pre-season for a bit of jeopardy!
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    Paul Beesley

    Never even made the connection! Remember Paul Beesley - big lumbering centre back. Blackpool striker Jake Beesley says it is a proud feeling to be able to represent the same club as his dad did during his playing career. The 27-year-old made the move to Bloomfield Road from Rochdale back in...
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    A message from Stockport fans!

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    Has the 🐍 done a post match interview

    Am hoping he's refused to speak to the press and is instead up with Sadler offering his resignation 👋
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    BFC accounts still not submitted

    Be interesting to see how much compo we got for Critch leaving? Will it also say how much we had to pay Appleton to go and how much Robin Hood McCarthy got?
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    New What we all watching / recommendations thread?

    All of us strangers is very good. Disney +
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    Baseball Ground

    Remember going there in 1985 and we beat the Rams 2-1 - love to know the scorers that day if anyone has that sort of info?
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    Reading game moved to 12.30 p.m.

    That’d be seen as divine retribution for the Huddersfield protests!
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    Undr The Cosh Patreon Episode - Alan Wright

    Replaced by James Beattie .. that ended well 🙈
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    A Notlob insight

    Seem to have fewer numpties on their board who disrupt decent threads with inane comments but this thread makes for interesting and measured reading.
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    Three points behind and other teams three games in hand.

    It's interesting looking at how we compare to other sides in the Top 6 and most have drawn 7/8 games, the problem is we are 2/3 games short of wins as opposed to defeats, another 9 points and we'd be knocking on the Play Offs and if you look back at those 3 games we lost in December there...
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    Blackpool v Nottingham Forest Official Matchnight Thread 17.01.24

    We’re trending at #6 😁
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    Crocs at Football

    Says it all ....
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    The AVFTT Obscure 11

    Had literally never heard of him and then saw the shirt sponsor and realised why!
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    Would Cup success make up for a poor League Season?

    Who knows, win tonight and get lucky against Bristol City and we're in the 5th round - beat Bolton and progress to the finals stage of the BSM Trophy whilst finished a mediocre 7/8th in the league. Would that make it a successful or just annoying season?
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    Charlton Forum

    Who in our squad did he most shaft or under-use? Otherwise I reckon most won't give a rat's ass!
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    League One This Week

    Good luck Carlisle with that journey - they'll be digging the coach out of 6 inches of snow at Brunton Park based on the pictures I've seen this morning!